We encourage all old girls to send in news about themselves. We want to hear what you and your families are doing. Please keep in touch. We also welcome articles about the school.  



New Officers for 1999
The following officers were nominated at our AGM


Dana Crawford

Andrea Aarons
Ann Webb-Harris

Christine Boothe Brown

Asst. Secretary
Allison Oyelola

Mary Ann Raymond

Asst. Treasurer
Barbara Trewick

Past President
Sharon Wallen









P.O.Box 1758
Thousand Oaks
CA 91358

The Shield 

St. Andrew Old Girls Newsletter

Florida Chapter

Volume 9, Number 1
October 1999 

SAOG Florida Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Ten years ago on February 18, 1989, 10 women met together in Miami at Marguerite Graham's home to form this chapter. Our founding president was Andrea Fletcher Gardner (now living in Jamaica), and the seeds for our present mailing list of almost 300 names came from Dana Crawford's address book, the 'dear departed' volume which was blown away to who knows where by Hurricane Andrew's winds. We formed the association so that we could help the school that had provided us with a rich educational and social experience and molded us into the women that we now are Since the inception of our association, we have organized a variety of fundraising activities. We have held luncheons, fetes, tea parties, raffles, and the profits from these affairs have enabled us to make the following contributions to the school:

      US$10,000 to refurbish the school's tennis courts
      Purchased computers and software for the school   (US$15,000 to date)
     With New York chapter, purchased a bus for the school (our contribution - US$5,000)
      Initiated a breakfast feeding program for needy SAHS students
      Contributed to the Jennifer Cox Memorial Fund - US$1,000
     Helped send SAHS teams to international sporting events such as the Penn Relays, the Gatorade Track Meet and Championship of America

     Sent 2000 promotional pens to school for its 70th anniversary
     Bought a photocopier for the school
      Purchased a Gestetner printer for the school -US$3,400
      Purchased stop-watches for "A" Level Science
Exams - US$650
      Initiated a scholarship, worth J$30,000 annually,
for needy and deserving students at the school
      Contributed US$1,000 to the pension fund for
retired teachers and administrative staff
     Sent US$334.50 to the school from the sale of
school memorabilia

75th Anniversary of St. Andrew High School

September 21, 2000 will mark the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the school. The school is asking for ideas and suggestions as to what we all can do to make the year a very special one. OG Michelle Mowatt Orane has agreed to chair the planning committee for this celebration. Please contact the school for further information - (876) 926-5925 -6

Let's keep the momentum going for Life More Abundant! Read on ...

Photo Highlights of the Past Ten Years

Jassie Alexander Ricketts and Andrea Alexander Aarons
  at the Mother's Day Luncheon, May 1998

Vice President Lorna Fyffe with roses
 that were given to each attendee at 
the Mother's day Luncheon, May 1998

Dana Crawford and Marcia Cassidy at the Annual General Meeting, May 1995


Fundraising Activities
1998 - 1999

 Third Annual Fete

The fete, held on November 14, 1998 at the University Country Club, featured the music of DJs Yo-Yo and Rebel. Music, and the food, catered by Mika Robinson, were great, but the turnout was disappointing. Old Girls, we need your support for ALL of our activities as any money raised goes towards the school which has many, many needs.


Ladies at Lunch and Annual General Meeting

On June 12, of this year, about 60 Old Girls and friends enjoyed lunch and entertainment at Don Shula's Golf Club. All who attended received a bookmark inscribed with some uplifting comments as a memorial to Mrs. Tess Thomas, former teacher at the school. We were treated to a fashion show coordinated by Bernadette Morin, and amongst the models were our own Winsome Bowen and Dana Crawford who looked very glamorous and professional. There was a stall selling SAHS mementos and another with Objets d"Art by Nandy Elie of Treasure Hunter. David & Joanna Alexander also made a presentation on Magnets & Their Therapeutic Properties. Many thanks to the following who contributed to the success of the luncheon:
Precision Printing
Bernadette Morin
Zap Couriers
T & T Nurseries (Barbara Trewick)
Panintertrade - Ann Webb-Harris
Tate Export - Aileen Tate
Members of the Board of the SAHSOGA

Many, many thanks to last year's executive, led by Sharon
Wallen, for all their hard work throughout the year.  

News From the School  

SAOG Florida Scholarship

Candace Murphy of Form 1W was last year's recipient of our scholarship. A report from the school indicates that "she is a devoted student who has earned the respect and admiration of her peers and her teachers." A member of IS CF, Girl Guides, Drama Club and a Student Council representative, Candace has also set high standards for herself and her work.

National Scholarships

Julia Rowe - Jamaica Scholarship for Girls, 1998;
Toni-Ann Neita - Jamaica Adult Suffrage (Open)
Scholarship, 1998. Both students are at UWI. Toni-Ann is the granddaughter of former principal & new chairman of the Board of Governors, Mrs. Fay Saunders.

Christian Emphasis Day

Last year's theme was "Created to be Special," an appropriate subject as many of the school's students suffer from low self-esteem. In this theme, the school focused on each person's importance in the sight of God and students' need to value themselves and seek His guidance in their lives. 

Penn Relays

The school received four gold medals and a relay plaque for its performance in the 4 x 400m relay. 


The Swim Team coached by OG Georgina Simpson-Boland placed first in the Crimson Dawn Relays, second in the ASAJ/Mayberry meet, second in the Issa championships and first in the Nestle meet. Five girls were selected to represent Jamaica at the Carifia Games, April 1999. 


The under 19 team won the Farquharson Cup. 

World Junior Summit

Nicole McLaren was selected as one of 100 students worldwide to attend this meeting in November, 1998 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. As one of the most outstanding representatives, Nicole was selected by the Nickelodeon channel to be featured in its special documentary that will be aired on January 1, 2000. A crew from Nickelodeon visited the school last November - December and filmed part of the documentary on the campus. Nicole was also a delegate to the Hague Conference on Peace held in May 1999 and was accompanied to the conference by Mrs. Ruth Gooden,  head of the English Department.

CXC Regional Award

Michelle Sharp, Lower 6th, received the Caribbean Examinations Council's award for the most outstanding short story in the region. This was based on her performance in the CXC June 1998 exams. 


Thanks to the contributions of our Chapter, the computerization of the administrative office is in progress. The networking of the computer lab was completed for the start of the 1998 - 1999 school year. A secondary lab has been set up with the older computers, and the school will shortly be purchasing computers for the library. 

Technology & Action Center

The school hopes to break ground for the Auditorium in the 1999-2000 school year. OG Dr. Blossom O'Meally-Nelson has agreed to chair the Building Committee. 

School Bus

The school is still in need of this. 

Special Education Program

The school plans to introduce this program to assist those students with particular learning disabilities. As the government does not provide funding for programs like these in high schools, the school will have to identify other sources of funding for this. 

Computer Area for Fourth Formers

The school needs computers for this new lab. 


The school sent the following report: "Our students are under a lot of stress; the economic problems in our country have taken their toll and many parents have been made redundant in the past year. In addition, several relatively young parents have died. There is also the continued rise in divorce and separation of families which has an adverse effect on the children. Please continue to pray for us as we work to build sound character in our sudents and to encourage them never to give up hope."   

Photo Highlights of the Past Ten Years

Vice President Ann Webb-Harris and President Dana Crawford
 hold framed prints of the school office at the Annual Luncheon 1999

You Can Sponsor a Student

For about J$15,000 a year you can sponsor a student who is unable to pay her school fees. To find out more about this please contact the school at (876) 926-5925-6 or e-mail them at standrew@uwimona.edu.jm

Breakfast Feeding Program

Children cannot learn when they are hungry. Unfortunately, many Jamaican students come to school without having breakfast. You can help to alleviate this by contributing to the Florida Chapter's Breakfast Feeding Program where money collected from Old Girls is sent to the school to help provide a nourishing breakfast for economically disadvantaged students.  

Please support this program. It only takes $US4O.00 per year to feed one student. Call Marguerite Graham at (305)253-4870 to get more information about this, or send a check made payable to St. Andrew Old Girls Association (Florida) to Mary Ann Raymond, 16879 SW lst Manor, Pembroke Pines FL 33027.      

Photo Highlights of the Past Ten Years

First meeting of SAOG Florida at Marguerite Graham's house in Feb 1989
L-R Karlene Alexander and Dana Crawford
Tea Party held at Gulliver Prep in honor of Miss Dawson's visit 1993. L-R Marguerite Graham, Mary Dawson, Sharon Townsend


On Old Girls Overseas  

Lorraine Vanessa Abrahams graduated with honors from Harvard University Law School.  

Christine Boothe, secretary of our chapter, got married earlier this year to Wayne Brown. Congrats Christine!

Marie Cunningham-Clarke has returned to Jamaica and is teaching music at the school.

Heather Meredith-Dillon who attended SAHS from 1975 to 1979 now lives in Vacaville, Califomia with her husband and daughter. Her e-mail address is dhdilllon@msn.com, & she would love to hear from some of her former schoolmates.

Former SAOG Florida president, Marguerite Graham received a Woodrow Wilson grant this summer to spend a month doing research at Princeton University. The nominated Presidential student in the state of Florida also nominated her for a Presidential Teacher Recognition Award. As part of this award, Marguerite met the President at the White House. She heads the Science Department at Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami.

 Maureen J. Ricketts Kennedy of Miami is a personal financial analyst with PRIMERICA, a member of citigroup. For any advice on financial services, please call her at (305) 624-5000 or page her at (305) 250-2596.

Sharon Wallen, past president of SAOG, Florida, has been appointed a Teacher Leader for other teachers in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools District. This summer she wrote curriculum in the downtown office, and during the year she will be training teachers throughout the district.

Cathy-Ann, daughter of Ann Webb-Harris and husband Reggie, graduated with honors from University of Florida's law school. She is now working at Holland & Knight's Orlando office.  

... and Old Girls in Jamaica

  Dr. Deanna Ashley, Principal Medical Officer (secondary care), Ministry of Health, received the 1998 World Health Day Award in recognition of her implementation of public health policy initiatives that significantly reduced maternal and infant mortality in Jamaica.  
Julie Lindo Coulton - Assistant Treasury Manager at Pan-Caribbean Merchant Bank.
Rosalie Deane - Manager, Information Technology at Capital & Credit Merchant Bank.  
Audrey Gaynor - international hockey umpire.  
Leisa Harris - Financial Controller, Beaches Montego Bay.
Shelly-Ann Josephs - Administrative Manager, Hart Group of Companies, Montego Bay.  
Maxine McDonnough - co-author of the book "Edward Rasheed-Hanna - The Man and His Times."  
Hillary Phillips is now Queen's Council.  
Dorothy Pine-McLarty, partner in law offices of Myers, Fletcher & Gordon, headed their United Kingdom office from 1995-1998. "Micky" was admitted to the Jamaican practice in 1967 and has spent most of her professional career at MF & G. Myrtle Robotham Weir - President of the Jamaica Hockey Association.  
Andrea Sybliss - Brand Manager at Jamaica Flour Mills. Maureen Webber has her own consulting firm, Development Options Ltd.  
Deanne Bell & Marjorie Whylie were honored by the Kiwanis of New Kingston on International Women's Day.  
Deanne is a Director of the Bank of Jamaica and Managing Director of Dry-Clean USA. Marjorie is a renowned musicologist and musical director of the NDTC.  

Principal, Dahlia Repole at the Annual Luncheon, 1991 at the Miami Lake's Inn (now Don Shula's)
 On her right is Sharon Townsend
Treasurer, Valerie Rae giving her report at the Annual General Meeting 1995


Congratulations to:  
Trudy Myers Edwards & Karen Love Girvan who both had sons.  
BarbaraTrewick on the birth of another grandson.

Sick List

Charlie Fyffe, husband of Lorna Hosang Fyffe, former vice-president of our chapter; has been quite ill. Charlie & Lorna, we continue to keep you in our prayers.  
Mrs. Fay Holt
and Mrs. Michelle Stokes, teachers at SAHS, were seriously ill and hospitalized for the entire Easter term. Mrs. Stokes has returned to school, and Mrs. Holt is recuperating at home.


Condolences to the families of the following Old Girls and former teachers:

Mrs. Cynthia Delgado who served the school for over 40 years as a member of both the teaching and administrative staff.
 Beverly Chung Dixon who died in March in Florida after a long illness. She leaves behind a 14 year old daughter.  
Dr. Pam Rodgers Johnson
, one of the earliest graduates of the Medical School at UWI.  
Dennyse Dempster King
who died in June in Canada after a long illness. She leaves behind her husband, son, parents, and sisters, OGs Diane and Dawn Dempster.
Cherril Simpson
who worked in the Department of Sociology & Social Work at UWI.  
Tess Thomas
, former teacher at the school and community activist who died tragically at her home in the rural St. Andrew district of Maryland. Mrs. Thomas taught English at the school in the sixties and adjudicated the annual Schools' Drama Festival.

To the following old girls who lost parents:

Dr. Elsa Fairweather Leo-Rhynie, Michelle Mowatt Morris, Helen Christian, Dr. Cecile McCalla. . . and the Sherlock girls, Drs. Cavell Browne & Ann Goffe who lost their father, Rev. Hugh Sherlock.


News of Other Chapters



President - Marlize McCartney  
V.P. Membership & Administration - Elizabeth Silvera  
V.P. Finance - Madge Shirley  
V.P. School Affairs - Camille Parchment  
Treasurer - Alero Abrams  
Corresponding secretary - Carol Higgins  
Recording Secretary - Donna Blake

Activities for the previous year:

  • A fashion and comedy brunch at Albambra Inn

  • Annual carol service at the University Chapel, Mona

  • Hosted Jamaica Musical Theatre Company's Benefit Performance of Lion King at Phillip Sherlock Centre for Creative Arts  

  • Annual Valentine luncheon

The Class of '76 presented a check for JA$20,000 to the school.  
The Class of '77 presented a check for JA$70,000 to the Physics Department to fund the purchase of a computer & software for the 'A' Level Physics syllabus.

New York

They had the largest turnout ever at their annual fall dance last November.  
The chapter went on their annual trip to Atlantic City in June.


The chapter gave the school US$4,000 for the school swimming pool.  

Newsletter Information

Editor - Karlene Bruce Alexander (I can be reached at the following e-mail addresses: gracebruce@aol .com (Home) or kalexand@mdcc.edu (Work)

Layout & Graphics - Diane Lyon Wead

We encourage all old girls to send in news about themselves. We want to hear what you and your families are doing. Please keep in touch. We also welcome articles about the school.

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