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November, 2000
Volume I No 25
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Ad Astra

Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)

November, 2000
Volume 1, Number 25

Joint picnic with St. George's
 Old Boys and Alpha

The day of the picnic started out a little chilly, but sunny, so we were hopeful that the day would get better and it certainly did. After picking up my group of guys, we mosied on over to the picnic area in Scarborough. Driving the long distance from Brampton we passed many milestones and check points for out of towners! But we made it safe and sound and amidst lots of laughter and happy greetings settled in to have a good time. My guys went off to play baseball, others were playing dominoes or cards, but most of us were just contented with catching up on all the news from the summer. Some of us arrived a little late (no names) while the rest of us starved waiting for all of the food to come before lunch was served. But a tell you, it was well worth the wait! We had jerk chicken, curried goat, rice and peas, salads, macaroni and cheese and whole heaps of other tings! Now this is not a complaint, just an observation; Auntie Joan heard that the Alpha girls had mackerel run-down and green bananas etc. over in their area which was only a stone's throw away from our area. She decided to go and commandeer some of their goodies for herself. Well, when the rest of us heard of the goings on she had to go right back over and get more food. So that we would not be too embarrassed by our greediness, she offered them some of our food. You can just imagine the teasing that went on after that!

 We saw all kinds of newcomers, young and old, and some not so old . It was nice to hear people meeting and greeting and it was very exciting to see the avid participation in all the games. The 'put the string thru the blouse and shirt' contest is a very prejudiced game in favour of the George's boys and I aim to speak to my lawyer about it before the next picnic. The guys won the 1st round and Alpha won the final round. Since we won last year we decided to give the others a chance to win. What else can I say about our loss?!? Robbie Vernon with his game 'in the river, on the bank' was lots of fun especially for those of us watching all the people who did not know their in or out. What a lot of laughter! It is a good thing that we can laugh at ourselves. There were numerous other games and lots of surprises and prizes. I think everyone had a great time and I believe that this has been the largest turnout ever for the picnics, about 300. For all of you who did not turn up, you missed a wonderful fun day, so be sure to show up next year.

Thank you to all the organizers and all the generous people who supplied prizes etc. The George's boys did a great job as game masters. (yu know how dem luv giv orders!). Till next August, walk good, yu hear.


President's Message  

Dear Fellow Alumnae,

This is the last time I will be addressing you in this space. In December you will be voting for a new president and committee. I thank you all for allowing me to serve you for the past four years. It was both rewarding and a pleasure. I wish the next president all the best and pledge my continued support. We have had a very 9ood year with the implementation of the scholarship fund and the renewed interest in the association by a larger portion of those on our mailing list. Paid up membership is up and so the cast of printing and mailing the newsletter is being offset without tapping into the scholarship fund. The scholarship is an ongoing project and if you have not made a contribution for this year you may still do so. As an aging association our main goal is to reach out to our younger alumnae so if you know of anyone not on the mailing list please forward names to any committee member. The focus of the association is still the school and the students. I think we were able to fulfill that mandate in the last four years, and wish to congratulate my committee on a job well done.

Thank you and see you at the mass in December.

Lorraine Chung


** Rosalie Hall and Sr. Francoise **

For those of you who do not remember, Rosalie Hall is the Toronto "charity" adopted and supported by ICHSAA. This is our official Canadian social conscience project. Rosalie Hall is a home/school/safe house for young, single, pregnant girls and since the province's cut back on social funding they have had to rely much more on donations and fundraisers. Their only fundraiser is the ANNUAL CHRISTMAS ARTS & CRAFTS SALE in November, at which the biggest seller is the ceramics. All ceramics are made by Sr. Francoise who is in her 80's and needs all the help she can get. So alumnae and friends (including men & boys) come out and help! Donate some time. Doing charitable work is good for the soul!

Help when you can for as long as you can.
Monday to Saturday

Phone Sr. Francoise first (416-438 6880) 

Candisa Chin Pen - Miss Harvest Moon 2000

Welcome home...
Laura, daughter of Lorraine & David Chung returned safely from her backpacking adventure down Under. She had a marvellous time and recommends it highly to anyone wanting to see some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Candisa Chin Pen crowned Miss Harvest Moon 2000'.
Other ICHS daughters, all Harvest Moon beauties were Laura Chung, Simone Moosie and Lauren Lodenquai.

First time grandparents...Drs. Victor & Joyce Kumar-Misir (nee Lyon). Kayla Louise arrived this summer to son, Robert and wife, Debbie.

Repeat grandparents, Joe & Bev Richards (nee Lewis) with the arrival of Liam Kristofer on August 13th. Parents Erik and Nadine Bhattacharya are ecstatic! Liam shares his birthday with another grandson, McKenzie.

Fen & Anita Chang (nee Hugh) celebrated their 40th anniversary and are the proud grand parents of Brianna Lee.

Double trouble for Michael & Phyllis Chen (nee Chung) with the arrivals of grandson, Zachary Sharma and grand daughter, Hailey Anne Chen.

Amanda Graham-Rowe is betrothed to Bill Berthiaume of Flin Flon, Manitoba. Amanda is the daughter of br. S. Garth Graham-Rowe and Venice Rose.

Talent! Talent!
Alumna Bernadette Dyer has just published a book of short stories - "Villa Fair"

Alumna Margaret Chen recently had a successful showing of her art work here in Toronto. Madge is an accomplished artist based in Jamaica.

Our Prayers and Condolences on the recent loss of loved ones to ..... 

The family of Dorothy DeLeon who passed away in April.

Sr. Mary Cecile O.S.F. , sisters Inez Lee, Veronica Chang and brothers, Joseph and Francis on the loss of their sister, Lucille Ho-Onn Leung.

Patricia Daly (nee Lopez) who lost her sister, Angela Esler , suddenly in Florida.

Edwin & Gail Chin (nee Lyn) on the loss of Edwin's father in New York.

Stanley & Jeannette Chin (nee Chong) on the loss of Jeannette's mother.

The family of Lynette Chang, mother of Annette (Sui Gin) , Sharon , Pat and Niki.

George & Karene Ho Sang (nee Kong) on the loss of Karene's father, Lloyd, on September 30th. Lloyd was also brother to Fr. Ken Kong (Ja).

Eily Lowe (Ja) (nee Chin) and Bev Lodenquai (nee Chin) who lost their mother on October 14th in Jamaica.

Mrs. Vivienne Lyn (Williams) 1911-2000

MOM walked on
having lived her dreams
having accomplished her greatness
having loved us so passionately
she left us with her legacy of
truth, patience, gentleness, compassion
and love and most importantly, each other.

YOU have celebrated LIFE with her and you have celebrated her NEW LIFE with us.
YOU have stood with us and helped us to be STRONG.
YOU have swirled around us, engulfing the hurt and tried to heal.
Sometimes, we are still unsure of what feelings to expect....
But we are certain that with your outstretched hand, we will make the next shore safely.
We are grateful for you being a part of our JOURNEY.
Thanks for touching our lives in such significant ways that we are able to see what our days will bring forth, in the answers to come.

May your Gentle Soul rest in Peace.
Daphne Chung, Albert, Allan, Earl, Colleen Lawton, Patsy, Sadie Wang, Mickey, Joan Chang, Diana Yee Sang, Danny, Neville, Paula, May.

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