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Ad Astra
is published by the
Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association - Toronto Chapter
June, 2001
Volume I,  No 26
I.C.H.S. Newsletter

Ad Astra
is published by the
Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association - Toronto Chapter

I.C.H.S. Newsletter

Editorial Staff
Joan Chang
Ina Williams

Yvonne Lyew  Membership 

I.C.H.S Executive Committee 2001   
Yvonne Lyew            President
Sadie Wong        Vice President
Sandra Hardie          Secretary
Lorraine Chung  Ast. Secretary
Paula Burke-Depass
Sylvia Tavares  Ast. Treasurer 

Floor Members
Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams
Joan Chang
Jeanette Chin
Laura Chin Pen
Claire Haynes
Gloria Ho Shue
Celia Butler-Lindo
Donna Rutty
Cathrine Sani
Jilian Saweczko
Ina Williams
Olive Williams

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Ad Astra

Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)

June, 2001
Volume 1, Number 26

Madhatter's Tea Party  

When our new President, Yvonne Lyew, asked me to write this article, I was once again pleased and honoured to do it even though it meant that I would have to employ some discipline and actually sit at the computer and send an e-mail. Of course, I could not ask one of the children to do this for me for which they are eternally grateful.  You see, I am computer illiterate and they keep trying to drag me into this century but I am putting up a good fight. The thing is, once I start I seem to have so much to say, as usual, that I wind up writing whole epilogues.

 The Madhatter’s Tea Party was a resounding success. The attendance was not as great as we would have liked but we know that word may have gotten out that it was really an AGM with elections so we were prepared to take whatever we could get. The fifty or so of us who turned up got right into the spirit of things.  Some came dressed very elegantly, in lovely dresses and even lovelier hats as was befitting the occasion, others came dressed for a MADHATTER’s TEA PARTY. Sadie was in charge of the goodies and with the help of the rest of us, we turned out quite a scrumptious meal. We had ackee and saltfish quiche, callaloo quiche, bite-size sandwiches to die for, sponge cake, cocktail patties, meringue nests topped with whipped cream and strawberries and much more. You just had to be there! 

Not only did everyone dress for the event, but they came prepared to have a good time. And indeed we did!  We all brought our finest china, linens and silver tea service with which to enjoy the exotic teas and marvelous feast which was so eye-catching that we did not want to eat.

 The thing is, we ICHS old girls (and I use the term very loosely for those to whom it may apply) certainly know how to have a great time! The meeting and the greeting and posing to show off our tea ensembles was a lot of fun.  It is a pity that in order for us to have a general meeting and elections we have to stoop to marrying it up with some type of function. As usual, the same few turned up and our elections went without a hitch. I must say that this election was the fastest election that I have ever experienced. We did what we had to do and went on to the business at hand; we had a craft show and display by Colleen Lawton.`Miss Olive Fashions’ presented a fabulous fashion show to show off her new designs in linen and linen blends. Our models came from within our ranks from the newest members to the less new ones and let me tell you we know how to have a good time. The models were a little shy at first but they soon warmed up and were becoming “too sexy for their clothes”. What a bunch of showoffs!

When the fashion show was over, our panel of impartial judges awarded the prize for the most elegant cup to Jeanette Chin, to my great disappointment for which I am now emotionally crippled for life. I felt I should have won! Now don’t get me wrong yu nuh the lady’s cup was quite beautiful and so was her outfit, but since it was a Madhatter’s Tea Party I thought for sure I would have won with my miniature tea set. As well, I was a little disappointed for I was sure I would at least win the prize for the best hat. But noooo they had to give it to Jackie Simm, who not only came late but did so just to get my prize when my Goofy hat was clearly the best choice! (I can see that I am going to be in therapy for a long time). The thing is those of you who did not turn up missed an absolutely lovely tea party, the SISTERHOOD IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL and I feel privileged to be a part of this association. We have cried together, we have laughed together and we just enjoy being together.

 Our thanks to the outgoing members of the executive.  We congratulate and welcome the old and new faces of the new executive committee and pray that our ICHSAA will live long and prosper.

By Donna Rutty

Newly elected Executive Committee
Back L-R: Sandra Hardie, Yvonne Lyew, Sharon Folkes-Abraham, Celia Butler-Lindo, Paula Burke-Depass, Sylvia Tavares, Ina Williams, Claire Haynes, Gloria Ho Shue, Gillian Saweczko,
 Donna Rutty, Olive Williams, Joan Chang.
Front L-R: Laura Chin Pen, Lorraine Chung, Sadie Wong, Jeanette Chin. Missing: Cathrine Sani.

President's Message  

My Dear Fellow Alumnae,

 It is indeed an honour and privilege to be elected as President of the Toronto Chapter of our Alumnae Association. I would like to congratulate and thank our past president, Lorraine Chung and all outgoing members of the Executive Committee for a most successful term, and at the same time to welcome the new committee members.

 The past administration implemented the Scholarship Fund in September 1999 whereby four girls, namely, Tivita Skeine, Nastassia Rower, Bridgette Knight and Terry Ann Palmer were sponsored. Sr Mary Catherine reports how well they have done. Also, the “A” Level results were exceptional in Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as well were the passes in Literature, Art, Spanish, French, Management of Business and Additional Mathematics. The newly formed concert band has done extremely well and performed at the formal opening of the new Performing Arts Centre at ICHS.

 Our Valentine dances have been successful and with the proceeds derived from these events together with direct donations, we have been able to maintain the scholarship fund.  Thanks to all who supported the fund over the past two years.

 The `Madhatter’s Tea Party’ was successful and a lot of fun in spite of the small attendance. Thanks to `Miss Olive’ for all those beautiful clothes and also to our talented models who did them justice! Let’s not forget Sadie Wong, Lorraine Chung, Donna Rutty and all those who participated in organizing the event and preparing such delicious goodies!

 Looking forward to seeing you all at our annual joint picnic with the St. George’s College Old Boys and Alpha on August 19th at Milne Park in Markham. We had about 300 in attendance last year. We expect this year’s to be even better!

 Our mailing list has increased to over 400 members and I am pleased to advise a few young members have joined the Executive.  It is time for the older members to sit back and relax!

 On behalf of the Executive and Floor members, I wish you all a wonderful, hot summer!

Yvonne Lyew


by Kathy Parris

 The Toronto Chapter of the ICHS Alumnae Association held its annual Valentine dinner/dance on February 10th 2001 at the Bayview Hill Community Centre in Richmond Hill.

 The hall was transformed into a Hawaiian landscape depicting this year’s theme “ Hawaiian Breezes”. The arriving guests were greeted with big smiles and leis and then directed to their tables inside a Hawaiian hideaway.  Volcanoes silhouetted in lights erupted on the walls while palm trees and all species of vibrantly coloured filled the room. We feasted on roasted young pig (complete with head and feet!), pineapple chicken, fish with ginger sauce, and sauteed vegetables - all deliciously catered by Grant Mart. As we enjoyed our dessert and island coffee, the festivities got under way with a couple of nubile wahinis (girls) performing Hawaiian and Tahitian dancers that left the eyes spinning and the heart pounding long after the drumming had stopped and the dancers left the floor. The girls were from the internationally acclaimed `Hawaiian Pacific Magic’ dance troupe and performed compliments of its founder and director, Mrs Mela Tan.

 The room was filled to capacity with the party hearty, diehards and love birds alike. D.J. Donnie Tai was eclectic and had the dance floor overflowing at all times. The silent auction, the lucky draw and the gate prizes all added to the pleasantries.

 The executive is to be congratulated for their hard work. In spite of the butterfly gitters with ticket sales and preparation, there was standing room only.

If you weren’t there you missed a real fun night out - so don’t miss next year’s.  Aloha!

 P.S. To join Hawaiian Pacific Magic or to hire them for a function, call Mela at 416 293 4862 

Annual Mass/Luncheon 2000
Shepherd Terrace

by Yvonne Lyew

 It was a beautiful afternoon and we had over 100 in attendance - our biggest ever!

 Pat Ferguson, Chris Chin, Stanley Chin and Francis Rutty of the St.George’s College Old Boys were our special guests for the day.

 As usual, Shepherd Terrace was beautifully decorated in the Christmas spirit including red and green tablecloths.

 We were delighted to welcome an old friend, Fr Reg Whalen, formerly of Holy Cross in Jamaica, who officiated and gave an inspiring homily. Fr. Richard Ho Lung’s Caribbean Mass was sung by our in-house Glee Club, not to forget our honorary ICHS Old boy, Leslie Chin. Thanks also to Jeanne Levy who played the keyboard for Mass. A Jamaican lunch was enjoyed by all.


Thank you...

April  9, 2001 

Mrs. Lorraine Chung
Immaculate Conception High School Alumnae Association

 Dear Lorraine:

 Juliette Young


I cannot begin to express how grateful my family and I are for all the help and support the ICHS "Old Girls" poured forth since the first hint of Juliette's passing on March 28.

 Our Juliette was always proud of her Alma Mater and she so loved being an "Old Girl". Her loyalty and dedication to the Alumnae Association was never dimmed even during her long and courageous battle with her illness. There were times when she could not attend meetings but her heart was always there with the girls. I have never known her to be the first to leave a meeting or a social gathering. She was a true ICHS girl.

 Although I have never admitted it before, it's now time to come out of the closet and reveal that, by association and osmosis, I unwittingly became an ICHS "Old Boy" even though I tried to convince my wife that I really am an St.G.C. guy. She said I could be both. It was too risky to oppose that notion, especially when her pumpkin soup was something to look forward to.

 It will take some time for me to get around to each and every member of the ICHS Glee Club to say thanks for lending a voice to the singing of the hymns Juliette loved so dearly. And since it is difficult for me to think of Juliette in the past tense, I can only say, on her behalf, that she IS very pleased with the way the group delivered her favourite Hymns. You know only too well that if Miss Jules wasn't pleased, you would have heard thunder by now. In our 32 years of married life I have not only heard thunder, I have seen the skies darken when things didn't go right.

I would also like to thank the other association members for the part they played in organizing the post funeral reception. I appreciate a great deal of time and effort went into making this function the success that it was. Although I am remiss in not singling out certain people for the extra mile they went, I ask you to let me thank you all collectively for the moment.

 Thank you also for your Prayers, the beautiful floral tribute and the generous donation to the Scleroderma Foundation. In Juliette's memory, let us hope that some day, medical advancement will give us a better understanding of this dreadful disease that has claimed a beautiful life that was otherwise enriched with cheerfulness and empathy for others.

 God Bless You All

Philip Young


This spring 2001 we said until we meet again to many friends and supporters. We extend our condolences and prayers to the families of .......

 Baxter George Bubb-Clarke, father of Heather, Roma, and Judith. Mr. B. died on February 1st after a courageous fight against cancer. He was part of the Livewire D.J. team together with Heather and a great supporter of all things ICHS.

 Victor A Yap Chung, father of Ann-Marie, Therese, Grace, Rose-Marie, Geraldine, Andy, and Raymond.

 Colin (Christy) Williams, brother of alumna, Meva Yee Quee.

 Tom Goodale, who died suddenly in Bloomington. He leaves Winsome nee Clough.

 Shirley D’Aguilar (nee Harper) suddenly on March 27th leaving husband, Maurice, children and 7 grandchildren.

 Juliette Young (nee Wong) on March 28th after a lengthy battle with scleroderma. She leaves husband, Philip, children Angelina & Nigel. Juliette was a founding member of the Toronto Chapter of the ICHSAA and a faithful supporter of her Alma Mater.

 James Lee, brother of Susan and uncle of her daughters Laura & Candisa Chin Pen.

Ivy (Moy) Chong, aunt of alumnae Gail Chin (nee Lyn) & Donna Gordon-Tennant(nee Lyn).

 Rupert David (Jackie) Lyew, unexpectedly on April 18th leaving wife, Nicole (nee Chung) and children Nancy, Steven and Francis.

 Sandra Hardie and family who lost an uncle, Raymond Bradford, and in the following week a cousin, Safron Ramsay, who died tragically.


Andrew Aarons, son of Gillie and alumna, Adrienne (nee Chung) who made his debut in New York on May 6th with a solo performance at Carnegie Hall - Way to go, Andrew !!!!

 Proud grandparents, Leslie and Carmen Chin (nee Chung) on the arrival of Aaron Nicholas, son of Wayne and Jackie Chin; Chantal, daughter of Laura and Warren Williams; Matthew Christina, son of Christopher and Christina Chin. Marjore Hugh (nee Chang) shares grandparent bragging rights as Christina is her daughter!

 Alumna, Suzanne Boyd, Editor-in-Chief of Flare magaznie who is the daughter of Doreen Boyd (nee DeSouza).Suzanne’s career and fame are in full speed ahead mode. She recently headed the Toronto Star’s 10 Best Dressed List with a full page photo. Keep it up, Suzanne.. the sky is your limit!

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