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Ad Astra
is published by the
Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association - Toronto Chapter
March, 2002
Volume I,  No 28
I.C.H.S. Newsletter

Ad Astra
is published by the
Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association - Toronto Chapter

I.C.H.S. Newsletter

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Ad Astra

Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)

March, 2002
Volume 1, Number 28

My First ICHS Valentine's Dance
in 20 years

by Donette M. Chin-Loy

When President Yvonne asked me to pen the report for this year's Valentine Dance, it took me a while, I thought - how am I going to write a report that is any different, creative or as interesting as those which have been writ­ten in the past. In fact, she sent me three examples of some really well written reports.

I finally pinpointed the one difference, This year's ICHS Toronto Valentine Dance was my first in about 20 years. Voila! I thought that's it. So forgive me now if I "ramble" in the first person.

I have been back in Toronto now for about a year (officially). Last year I was fortunate to get hold of an ICHS Alumnae Toronto membership list. Some of the names were all too familiar - nostalgia set in - of course some of the names have been changed (to protect the innocent). Over the 12 month period I attended various functions ­the STGC summer ball, picnics, parties, dinners and banquets - I saw more and more familiar faces - and it took me back, not just 20 years, but some 30 years ago, when I, with many others, had the privilege of being an ICHS student.

H.E. Mr Raymond Wolfe, High Commissioner for Jamaica, Yvonne Lyew, Mr G. Raymond Chang, Chairman, C.I. Fund Management Inc.

How proud we were back then to wear the white and blue and that "funny looking" jippy-jappa hat. Okay, be honest, how big was the hole in your hat?? Didn't that hatpin give you a pain in the head? Was your uniform the right length? .. to the ankle! And did you really wear those regulation full slips? How often did you use your royal blue tie as a napkin at lunch? And can you recall your graduation ball?

Remembering stalwarts like Sister Josette Marie ­Religious Knowledge was never the same again. Sister 'Jimmy' (James Vincent) - we were all her Suzy Q's. Without Miss Lawrence in Geography who would have known about the Canadian Prairies and glaciers? Who could parlez-vous without Miss Tavares and the impeccable English we all now speak - thanks to Sylvia Chin. Amo, Amas, yes Mrs Hall - it was all Latin to me. Sister Maureen Clare was for many of us mentor and 'terror' - her stoic, no-nonsense and disciplined manner, kept us on the 'straight and narrow', if only for a while. This list of pedagogues goes on, of the wonderful women and men who helped in shaping our lives, our attitude and our values.

With the joy of seeing many of my ICHS sisters last year, come some sad moments, of losing friends too quickly, just when I caught up with them again - Juliette Young of course, comes to mind.

This year's Valentine Dance, I suspect was no different from the many other successful events staged by the ICHS Alumnae - Toronto Chapter. An overwhelming crowd turned out in support. The Bayview Hill Community Centre reflected a tropical theme - the odd coconut tree ­reminded us that we really are a 'warm blooded' people, still grappling with that burning issue 'It col' eeeeee'.

The sumptuous fare was provided by Nicey's Take Out curry goat, jerk pork, escoveitched fish, rice and peas and such delights, again served to remind us that 'we really love spicy food.' The bar was well stocked - but where was 'de STRIPE'?

In the meantime, in between time, Heather 'Ms. Livewire' serenaded us with a medley of oldies, goodies, baddies and just wonderful tunes - we could have 'danced all night and still have begged for more'. My friend and his wife were dancing beside us. He said - 'Livewire sounds a bit sedate, I've heard her when she was really hopping". My reply, as we struggled for room on the floor, 'If she's so sedate how come the dance floor is so packed." This was Livewire's first appearance since the passing of our dearly beloved Mr. Bubb-Clarke. Heather, Mr B would have been proud of you.

President Yvonne and her team were everywhere, ensuring that guests were comfortable. The activities were fun-silent auction, dance demonstration, the raffle and just all round fellowship. The incomparable Donna Rutty managed to "keep everyone in line", as she carried out her duty as compere.

We must also recognize and "give tanks" to the ICHS "old boys" - spouses and partners of ICHS "old girls", who have, over the years, given their undying support and encouragement. Thank you, gentlemen.

We give thanks also for all the folks who have supported ICHS and the Alumnae Assoc. Toronto Chapter, over many decades - during the hungry years and the great times.

In her review of the March 2000 Carnival Party Ina Williams said, 'We say a million thanks to all you kind hearted people who cheerfully help on these occasions year after year." And I say, let's add another two million to that.

To say that the 2002 Valentine's Dance was a "resounding success" would be much of an understatement. It was a sell­out!!!

So this is what happens when you go away for 20 years. This dance, and the many ICHS activities have given me a chance to reconnect, reminisce and recollect many, many memories of times past, and I look forward to wonderful times to come. I thank you my ICHS sisters for the wonderful difference you have made for our school and your communities, and also for remaining predictably consistent in your determination and vision, in this time of vast, rapid change.

Donna Rutty said it succinctly in her report on the Madhatters Tea Party, "Sisterhood is still alive and well and I feel privileged to be a part of this association We have cried together, we have laughed together and we just enjoy being together.

I look forward to "catching up."

President's Message  

My Dear Fellow Alumnae,

Hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year, 'Gung Hei Fat Choy', Happy Valentine and Happy Easter when it comes.

Our annual Mass and pot-luck luncheon to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception held at our new venue was well attended. Our spiritual director, Fr. Jules Wong, returned in time to officiate at our Mass as a Franciscan Friar. He was assisted by Deacon Paitrick Chang. In addition to our ICHSAA family, our faithful St. G.C. old boys were very much in attendance.

A big 'thank you' to our faithful members who were instrumental in making Our Valentine 'Reggae Night' at Bayview Hill an overwhelming success. Let's not forget our supportive husbands and friends!

Sr. Mary Catherine reports that the ICHS Glee Club and Dancers performed at King's House for HRH Queen Elizabeth on her recent visit to Jamaica. They also sat for the Trinity College Choir Exam and passed with a 94% average. Way to go!!

Sr. Maureen Clare sends love and prayers to you all. Life has been very hectic being in charge of the Infirmary. She says Sr. James Vincent is progressing slowly and is in a wheelchair.

Our next event will be our joint picnic with STGC and Alpha.
See you there - rain or shine!

Yvonne Lyew


Annual Valentine Dance

Reggae Night 2002

Annual Valentine Dance

Annual Mass & pot-luck luncheon at
St. Thomas the Apostle Church Hall

 by Donna Rutty

Mass and brunch which we celebrated on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception was held at St. Thomas the Apostle Church Hall. We were happy to have over two hundred people in attendance. This year we invited other guests to join us and the response was wonderful. We thank all the family and friends of our alumnae for coming out in such large numbers.

As usual we have a Caribbean mass which I just absolutely love, and I particularly enjoy the music and singing. Just a note, post members of the Glee Club, we are always in need of people to assist in making our mass a joyous one. If you are at all interested in joining the group for our masses please call Yvonne and let her know.

Father Jules Wong was our celebrant and his homily was uplifting and most inspiring especially for the time of year. Leah Abrahams sang a beautiful song about Mary which was befitting the day. She was accompanied by her mother, Sharon, who danced as her daughter song. It was a very moving performance by mother and daughter.

Annual Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception,
 officiated by Fr. Jules Wong and assisted by Deacon Patrick Chang.

Our annual communion brunch is not a fund raising event, it is an opportunity for us to get together as family and friends and so the members of the alumnae are expected to bring a dish to share with our guests as it is a pot-luck meal. This way the food committee does not have the sole responsibility of providing the goodies and there was certainly lots of good food. The menu consisted of mackerel run down, stewed peas, jerk chicken & jerk pork, plantains, dumplings, green bananas and much more. There was a short spell of silence while people were eating. Our thanks to all our volunteers who cooked, set-up and who cleaned up. If we did not have the constant support we would not be able to function.

On a slightly different note regarding volunteers - since I brought up the matter. Volunteers ore the backbone of every organization and if the old regime does not have an infusion of new and excited enthusiasts, people become tired and jaded and eventually lose heart. My point is this, dances and picnic and communion brunches do not just happen. They require hours of planning and organizing to make them successful events and we need people with heart (other than the some 5 or 10 who turn up time after time) to come out and be counted.

So this is my plan. Call me- Donna Rutty at 905 796 6206 and put your name on a volunteer list NOW for any future events. Anybody can give a dollar. It is the gift of ourselves that truly makes you fulfilled.

We extend our condolences and prayers to the families of.

Mrs. Rose Chuck, mother of Allan Chuck & his wife alumnae Linda (nee Lue).

Dane Lee, nephew of Jena Chung and cousin to alumnae Adrienne Aarons, Bev Lue, Pixie & Les.

Please pray for the sick: Fr. Kenneth Kong and Mrs. Beryl Narcisse-Mair.

Ad Astra Per Aspera
30 years later

Calling all from the ICHS Graduating class of 1972
Teachers, Family, Friends, Fellow ICHS Alumnae

Come to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 28-30 June 2002 for our once-in-a-lifetime
30th Reunion

Schedule of activities:
Friday 28th June at Wyndham Bonaventure Hotel
Saturday 29th June at the hotel, Fundraising Banquet
Sunday 30th June at Markham Park - Mass 11am-12:30

Registration for ALL events:
US$125.00 class of '72 alumna
US$100.00 each additional adult
US$50.00 under 12 years

A-la-cart registration:
Welcome reception: cash bar
Banquet: US$100.00 per person
Sports Day: US$20.00 adults, US$10.00 child

Email: ichs1972reunion@msn.com

Janine Fisher (Canada)            613 542-4422
Jean-Marie Reid (Florida)        954 443-7546
Camille Edwards (Florida)        954 385-0731
Marcia Magnus (Florida)          954 659-0039
Michelle Ho Sang (Florida)       954 438-7081


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