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I.C.H.S. Newsletter
, 2004
Volume 1,  No 32

Editorial Staff
Joan Chang
Laura Chin Pen
Ina Williams
Yvonne Lyew  Membership 

Executive Committee 2004-6   

Yvonne Lyew         President
Sadie Wong     Vice President
Jacqueline Lue        Secretary
Sandra Hardie   Ast.Secretary
Cathrine Sani          Treasurer
Sylvia Tavares  Ast.Treasurer 


Floor Members
Paula Burke Depass
Joan Chang
Jeanette Chin
Laura Chin Pen
Betty Chung
Lorraine Chung
Ethlyn Ho Shue
Gloria Ho Shue
Jacqueline Lue
Tanya Hugh
Suzanne Read
Donna Rutty
Ina Williams


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Ad Astra

Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)

July, 2004
Volume 1, Number 32

Jamaica Night -'Love is in the Air'
at Bayview Hill


Well, it is time again for the newsletter! Our hard working president continues to rally all of us to do our part., especially me!

 Once again I have been conscripted to write about the Valentine dance which as usual was an unparalleled success - full house, good food, great music and people came to dance the night away.

 The food provided by Aunt Essie's Caribbean Kitchen was tasty, nicely presented, plentiful and most of all delicious. We could not have asked for more. Musically, the groove was provided by 'A Touch of Class' and if the dance floor being packed was any indication of people enjoying themselves, then it was party central! But, for me and the rest of the under 50 crowd (there are a few of us!) we found the music a little older than our time and would have liked more of a mix. A few people complained and I told them that those who do not attend meetings have no cause or grounds for complaints.

 Lorraine Chung made a marvelous MC. Together with her family she arranged and ran the Silent Auction with all the beautiful items which were so generously donated by our old faithful families, friends and sponsors.

 Many thanks to our generous donors, committee members and their families, the ICHS Old Boys and all the people who turn up year after year to set up and who work tirelessly so that we may all have a good time. To top it all,  after all the partying, many stayed behind to help with the cleaning up.

Thanks all!

Donna Rutty

 Door Prizes were as follows:

 1          2 tickets to Jamaica donated by Air Jamaica       
2          Basket of Groceries donated by Montego Import & Export   
3          Basket of groceries donated by Nicey’s Food Mart

 Lucky Draw

1          $500 C I Funds donated by Ray Chang 
2          50/50 - $300  cash
3          50/50 - $150  cash 

We wish to thank our other loyal supporters –

 Canfin Financial Group - Annette Wong - sweat suits
Ray Chen - Book on Jamaica
Laura Chin Pen of Palma Brava - Tahitian scones
Betty Chung - Wine & Cheese tickets
Designers, Typesetters & Printers Inc - printing tickets
Huntsmill Graphics - Loraine & Patrick Lee - Chinese Jamaican Worldwide book
Winsome Hoo of Art in Bloom- Floral arrangement
Majorem Enterprises Inc - tickets to Toronto Sun Splash
Grace Kennedy (Ontario) - coconut water & juice
Montego Import & Export- distributor Pepsi Cola -pop
George Phang Lyn of Tastee Patties
Sani International - Tony & Katy Sani
Dynalac - Claire & Tony Haynes
Allan & Gloria Chin
--- and many others too numerous to name

 I noticed some new faces and many familiar faces. It is marvelous to see the faces we know well as well as the newcomers.  

Thank you all for being there and see you again next time.

 One Love,





Sunday, September 12th, 2004
 Armadale Community Centre
2401 Denison Street (at McCowan Road)
Markham, Ontario

President's Message

My Dear Fellow Alumnae,

It has indeed been an honour and privilege serving as president of the Toronto Chapter since 2001.  It was a very rewarding three years which could not been achieved without the support of the executive. It seems like only yesterday that it all began, but as they say, good company mek time fly!

You may have heard rumours of Sr. Mary Catherine’s retirement as  principal of our Alma Mater, this is true. She leaves in September when she turns over the reins to the Vice-Principal, Ms Pinto, who will be the Acting Principal for a year. We wish Sr Mary Catherine continued success in her future endeavours - and of course, good health.

 Thanks girls for the love, support, cooperation, the hard work and the memories. Those long, late meetings with laughter and the constant drifting away from the subject at hand. The sage advice about everything from health to garden, to finance and to romance! My faithful Ina and Joan who came all the way to Pickering to help with the newsletter and how they went into the wrong house and drove down every street in the area before finding the right one! Special thanks to ‘ICHS Old Boy’, Leslie Chin, for his faithful service at our Masses. Glee Club girls, we will be having a practice before December 5th, so be prepared.

 Looking forward to seeing you all at the picnic, the annual general meeting and our Mass.

 Many thanks again to both present and past executives, members, sponsors and faithful friends for your continued support.

 Have a great summer!

Yvonne Lyew

Families & Friends 

Upcoming Annual Mass and Pot-Luck Luncheon
to celebrate the
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 

Sunday, December 5th, 2004
12.00 noon 

St. Thomas the Apostle Church Hall
14 Highgate Drive, Markham, Ontario
(Corner of Highgate & Birchmount - North of Steeles)




With a light dusting of snow on the ground we all gathered in the church hall of St. Thomas the Apostle Church to celebrate the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception with mass. Honourary old boy, Leslie Chin led the "Glee Club" in the singing which contributed to the fellowship of the gathering. It was a very warm and cozy morning.

 Once again we have to thank Fr. Breen for officiating at the mass. We would also like to thank all the ladies who volunteered to get the food on the table and served the meals. I do remember one gentleman in the kitchen, passing pots and lending a hand where needed. No names will be mentioned but let it be said he did his bit for the "Old Boys".

 This year we had a number of new Alumnae joining us for the brunch. Unfortunately, because it was the first time for them they ended up in the main church for mass. We must remember in the next newsletter to specify the location  a little more clearly. The fortunate part is that they made it down stairs for the brunch!

 Food as usual was in abundance. We are so blessed to have in our Association many great cooks who are willing to share. There was a lot of catching up with old classmates and promises of keeping in touch and getting together. Well, on my part I am still thinking about it and trying to make some time. We are all juggling work and families and trying to have some social life. The solution to this situation is to make sure that we get together at our annual mass and potluck luncheon. You do not have to clean the house and you  only have to prepare one dish. You also have no dishes to wash.

 Come on, ladies! Make a commitment to come out to the next gathering on Sunday December 5th 2004 at 12:00 noon.

Lorraine Chung

Dr. Dorothy Anna Jarvis

We are proud to announce that one of our alumnae, Dr. Dorothy Anna Jarvis is the first recipient of the P.A.C.E. (Project for Advancement of Childhood Education) Founder’s Trophy. This award is bestowed upon a member of the community whose involvement has made a major impact on the care and development of young children over a period of years. 

Dr. Jarvis graduated from the University of the West Indies Medical School, Jamaica in 1969. She moved to Canada and was certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in the field of Pediatrics in 1976. 

Dr. Jarvis has taught at the University of Toronto since 1985. She is currently a professor of Paediatrics and the Director of Student Affairs for the Faculty of Medicine. She received her professional status based on her outstanding contributions to Continuing Education. Since she has been with the University, Dr. Jarvis has been nominated for and won numerous teaching awards, among which is the Harry Bain Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching in 1998. She has also been awarded the Jack C. Fallis Teaching Award. She has an annual award for teaching excellence named after her in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Jarvis was also the recipient of the Colin R. Woolf Award for Teaching Excellence in 1997. 

Dr. Jarvis has worked as an active staff member in the Emergency Department at the Hospital for Sick Children and as courtesy staff in the Paediatrics Department at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga.  Dr. Jarvis has had numberous publications in leading journals including the Canadian Journal of Medicine. She has also contributed to several books chapters and proceedings.

 Every year Dr. Jarvis gives numerous lectures and presentations for Continuing Education.  She gives lectures in all aspects of Emergency Paediatric Medicine. Dr. Jarvis has mastered the art of teaching. In these lectures she consistently demonstrates her extensive knowledge of current paediatric issues and her personal clinical experience. She is able to tailor each lecture to the audience regardless of their level of expertise. As a result of this, Dr. Jarvis is now one of the most requested speakers in paediatrics in the country.

 We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Jarvis on her marvelous accomplishments!


Prayers and condolences are extended to the families of the recently departed:


Ronald Lee, father of Nancy Cera, Diana, Jeanette and Annette Willaims and brothers.

Aubrey McLeod, beloved wife of Beverley, leaving daughters Bridgit, Natalie & Helena.

Nora Lea
, Donette Chin Loy’s aunt who passed away in Florida.

Brian Williamson
, brother of Kathy Dyke (Miami) and brother-in-law of Brenda Williamson (Calgary). cousin to our own Jilian Saweczko.

Winnifred Wang
, mother of our own Dr Michele Wang

Hazel Chen
, mother of alumnae Laraine (Bonnie), Mary, John and Donna (Chang), Jimmy.

Maisie Chang
, mother of Mary Joy, Lily and Ray Chang of CI Funds (Toronto).

Mr & Mrs Winston Chin
of Jamaica, Winston was the brother of alumnae Eily (Jamaica) and Beverly Lodenquai.

Sr. Mary Cordia
, On June 16th at age 94, at Immmaculate Conception Convent.

Alumna Marcella Martinez
, in New York. Jamaica Scholar, Teacher  ICHS, Jamaica Ambassador U.N. head Jamaica Tourist Board.

Alumna Nadine Isaacs
, class of ‘59, after a courageous battle with cancer.


Congratulations & Welcome


Sierra Encarna Sanz, born on March 6th to Melissa (Lue) and Albert Sanz. Granddaughter to Derrick & Jacqueline Lue.

 Keiran James, born on May 19th, son of Gary & Sachia Wong. Grandson to Trevor & Sadie Wong 

Alexis Samantha Leyow, born March 23rd to Candisa (Chin Pen) and Paul Leyow, granddaughter to Susan (Lee) & Vincent Chin Pen and niece to our hardworking committee member, Laura.

 Congratulations to Novelette Graham who tied the knot with StGCOB Milton Hart on May 29th.

 Heartiest congratulations to our Treasurer, Paula Burke-Depass whose son, Paul Burke recently married Kathlyn Moore on July 1st. 

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