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Volume 1,  No 34

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Ad Astra

Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)

November, 2005
Volume 1, Number 34

1960’s Class Reunion

June 3 - 5, 2005

By Ina Williams

The years may have taken a toll on the backs and the knees and the blood pressure, but not a ting was wrong with the mouths!  So it was that on June 3, 2005 about 30 members of the class of '65/'66 gathered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a first ever class reunion.  For Betty (Lue) and hubby, Charlie Chung, Gentan Chase and Ina Yap, the reunion began a couple days early with wind, rain, dark clouds and lightning!  Our first hint that things were somewhat less than Florida sunshiny was the increasing turbulence as we neared the 'Sunshine State'.  Nevertheless, we arrived early, an advantage quickly lost when we were forced to circle the airport for about an hour because of lightning!  We were met by Nancy Lee, who was much relieved as she had watched our flight disappear off the board suddenly and completely, and had begun to fear the worst….U.S. air space & terrorists & all!  Thankfully, she found us okay and after the initial shrieking greet and meet all she heard was:  "Man, how it so humid?!?" and "Where is the Florida sunshine?!?" which became the running commentary for the next few days, that plus: "Boy, we have fe go back to Canada to get nice summer weather!"  Charlie opted for peace and quiet and left the ladies to do what we do best - shop!  We settled into Nancy's and then went off to the popular Saw Grass Mill Outlet Mall.  At dinner we hooked up with Winsome Chai Chang - another squealing meet and greet! Needless to say, we all had a late night!  The next day, we ventured into Miami for a real 'tourist tour' - it was most informative and enjoyable, despite the downpour!  That evening we visited for the first time, Angela's Beach Resort, Pauline Terrelonge's place in Ft. Lauderdale - another squealing meet and greet!  Bev Chung and hubby, Franklin Lue, had arrived from Toronto and were checked in.  We all went out for dinner at a lovely crab place down the road.  Two things come to mind: We could not sit on the terrace because of the wind and the rain! And once seated, our waiter looked around the table and said to Franklin, "Seven women, sir, you are a very lucky man!"  Franklin replied sheepishly, "They  don't all belong to me."  It was, of course, another late night of labrish and laughter!

     The next day, Friday, was the official start of the celebrations.  We got some things done (I don't remember what) and then we checked into Angela's, which was the official party headquarters.  Another squealing meet and greet!  For the first time in 40 years, I saw Althea (aka Vickie) Silvera, Carol Chin, Florence Keane and Jackie Clemetson.  Other Torontonians on spot were Paula Lew and Claudette Oddman together with special guests, Mrs. Jean Fong Kong and Mrs. Doreen Dawkins.  We had time for a little labrish and then it was party time!  Brigette Keating blew in from Jamaica; Lea Wong and hubby flew in from Aruba; Judith Angling breezed in from New York, looking very much like one of the stylish ladies of Sex & The City; Ann Nunes and Neave O'Brien rode in from Houston  and Shelley Diedrick from Austin;  Joy Lee was there from Calgary with her daughter, Mitzi.  Yvonne Haywood and  Marguerite Chinn  journeyed down from Virginia.  There was in addition, a number of husbands, progeny, other relatives, friends and younger alumnae - most of whom I met, but forgive me, 'cause a can't remember all a yu name! (a so it go when yu wait 40 years!)  Flo Keane tried to be all official like and give us a proper welcome, but only some of us were listening!  Brigette said grace and we all dug into the jerk pork, curry goat, etc.  Flo is an experienced party planner and one of the games was: get a partner, talk to each other and then speak for five minutes about your partner.  That little exercise plus the name tags are wonderful tools for a reunion!  Of course, 'special' moments can still happen when former teachers look as young as former students and friendly people like moi boldly approach with: "And who are you?  Your face looks very familiar. ……Doreen Dawkins, I don't remember any Doreen Dawkins in my year……..Oh! MRS. Dawkins!  You used to teach history!"  It was a wonderful evening and for seven of us it ended at about 2 a.m.!  Two things come to mind:  Nancy is a staunch Democrat living fearlessly among Republicans!  And Pauline loves to chat late into the night! 

     Saturday's morning boat ride was cancelled because of weather and everyone lied about taking the 6a.m. beach walk!  The day was spent shopping/working/talking/etc.  As the cocktail hour approached, the rest of the gang showed up:  The Miami posse arrived with Carol Lyn Shue (Jamaica) and sister, Barbara; Jean Strybos (Philadelphia); Diane and Norinne Tenn(Canada); Floridians Gerry Young, Dawn Lyn, Joan Chang and Rosanna Beek.  Of course, there was another shrieking meet and greet!  After cocktails, we all drove/walked over to Casablanca Café for our Gala Dinner.  The night was hot and humid, but our upstairs room was cool and cozy with an elevated headtable, just right for the fifty or so guests.  The girls did a marvelous job with the blue & white centre pieces, the souvenir menu & napkins (ICHS uniform shirt & tie), the gift bags with a picture of the school, address books, pens, etc.  I led the group in giving thanks and then we tackled the business of eating.  Dinner was excellent, with salad, six choices of entrée and dessert.  But what's a reunion without speeches?  Miss Pauline slipped effortlessly back into her Head Girl mode and above the din of the two-piece band downstairs and the unrelenting humidity, called the group to order.  She paid tribute to Mrs. Fong Kong, who was our special guest for the occasion and presentations were made to both her and Mrs. Dawkins.  A surprised Claudette also received a special gift. The very capable Miss Flo created ICHS dolls and presented thank you gifts of a doll and a day at the spa to each of the eight organizers - Winsome, Gerry, Pauline, Althea, Nancy, Carol, Jackie and Flo, who I am told, was the inspiration behind the whole thing.  After that, the room just collapsed into a happy chorus of abrish, address exchange, hugs and exuberant laughter, of which Miss Shelley was the ring-leader!  But the band dwarfed us all.  So we returned to party HQ sans a few people to continue the party.  The chatting and high spirits never subsided!  There was more labrish, food, drinks, old photos (Norinne - sorry I had you drag all those albums upstairs & I never looked at any), gifts (compliments of Pauline), excellent slide show and photographs.  Paula read Carol's valedictorian speech and we all found it still as relevant as when she wrote it at age 15!  Eventually, people began to drift home, but somehow, a few of us again had a late night with Pauline!

     We awoke Sunday morning to wind, rain and lightning, Pauline's gift umbrellas certainly came in handy!  We had time for breakfast, a few more games(with prizes, good prizes), good-byes, a quick wave to Condalisa Rice as she passed the hotel, and we were off to Nancy's for a bar-b-que party!  Although some of the gang had already headed back home, we still ended up with a full house.  It was more good food, laughter, stories and fun as we watched Pauline's son report on tv about the protests in Ft. Lauderdale, where we had just left.  For the first time, I got to wear my shorts!  Somehow again, Nancy and the six of us who slept over had another late night with Pauline! 

     Monday morning allowed us a few hours for last minute visits, then it was off to the airport with bright sunshine, blue skies and adventure…..adventure because of all the decoy roadblocks, traffic jams and detours due to the arrival of Condi's boss, also in town for the OAS meetings.  We did not see the Pres, but we saw Air Force One on the tarmac.  It was a wonderful reunion, filled with fun, good memories and lots of laughter!  I think Franklin had the most fun of all!  And the girls did keep the hurricanes away until after we had left!  Big Ups to the Florida Eight for great organizing, generous hospitality(they paid for almost everything) and a very, very warm reception.  I would not have missed it for the world! Especially, since it was an ICHS function and I did not have to do any work!  As I think back, four  things come to mind:  Firstly, everyone was warm and friendly despite what our school relationships were.  Secondly, everyone was recognizable although most of us are no longer the "wee little things we were in high school" (right, Miss Pauline??!!).  Thirdly, I have to say: Ladies, we age well!!  Fourthly, I did not get to talk to anybody personally!  I was just totally absorbed in the camaraderie, the stories, the fun and the laughter of the moment!  So I still don't know anything about anyone!  Which is why we have to have another reunion soon.  Anyone feel like some Jamaica sunshine in '07?

NB: Only high school names were used to aid the memory impaired.                     



President's Message

My Dear Fellow Alumnae,

 This has been a very eventful past year. Besides the usual weddings, dances and picnics, I am very aware of all the catastrophies both here in Canada and elsewhere around the world. At times like these, I am thankful for family and friends and for my faith. I am reminded of all those lessons we learned at ICHS about prayer. And especially at this time, with Christmas around the corner, now is the time for all of us to start anew with true Christian faith. 

A special thank you and good-bye to Laura Chin-Pen - a dedicated and wonderful worker, friend and alumna. We wish her all the best! 

Congratulations to our new Principal, Sr. Angella Harris. Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of meeting sister in person here in Toronto in the very near future. 

By the time you receive this newsletter you will all be busy preparing for the festive season and the new year’s celebration. Let us not forget the reason for this season. 

Peace and abundant blessings to you and your families. Continue to walk good “to the stars through difficulty” - Ad Astra per Aspera. 

Yvonne Lyew



Patsy Lyn

November 26, 1938 - April 17, 2005


One of 16 children of the well known Lyn family, she was a graduate of St. Joseph's Girls School and I.C.H.S.  She had a deep love for her alma mater  and the sisters at Immaculate and served as President and Executive Member of the ICHS Alumnae Association in Kingston for many years.  The teachings of faith and Franciscan spirituality learned at Immaculate were well rooted in Patsy and she lived her life with kindness, hard work, joy and faith.  A faith that she credited for her protection on the both occasions when she was robbed at gunpoint.  She was often the stabilizing centre for her beloved family as well as for the Alumnae Association.  Patsy loved nature, keeping a menagerie of plants, especially orchids, tropical fish and dogs; but more than that, she loved to cook.  She was a trained chef and as head cook and bottle washer of Patsy Lyn Caterers, she became renown for her culinary skills.  The name, Patsy Lyn, is never mentioned without also the mention of good food, unlimited kindness, boundless energy and fun loving joy.



 Unforgettable that’s who you are!! You were a breath of fresh air wherever you went. You were always there for us and we know you’ll be watching over us in heaven. 

Your generosity was without comparison. You were kind to everyone, you placed no barriers between family and friends, young and elderly, rich and needy. You were blessed to have had such a wonderful sister, sister-in-law, aunt, great aunt, great great autn and friend. You left a void no one can fill.

Dear Patsy, we love you and you will alwyas be in our hearts. Words cannot express the sadnes we feel to see you go. But God has a plan for you and we must accept His Will to take you so soon.

 Love you always, Sadie





September 2005 saw Sr. Angella Harris installed as the new Principal  at I.C.H.S.  She takes over from Sr. Mary Catherine Aarons, who retired last year.  Sr. Angella is the former Principal of Mount Alvernia in MoBay and a former teacher at I.C.H.S..

Due to a lack of vocations, there are no more Franciscan sisters in Montego Bay.  Mount Alvernia High School is now under the management of the Archdiocese.  Two of Sr.Joan Claire's MOP sisters are now in MoBay, and they have taken over the health clinic from Sr. William Margaret, who is now retired in Tampa.  Four more MOP sisters are expected to arrive from the Philippines.  

For some years now, the Franciscan sisters in Jamaica have not been governed by a "Mother Superior", but by a leadership team.  The new team leader is Sr. Maureen Clare Hall and the coequal team members are Sr.Grace Yap and Sr. Angella Harris.  The three of them will serve for the next four years.




 On March 29, 2005 we bid a fond adieu to Sr. Francoise Bonenfant at a small dinner at Yvonne Lyew’s home. Sister was the founder of both the education and ceramics programs at Rosalie Hall, our Canadian charity. It was her community of Misericordia Sisters of Quebec, which established the Scarborough Centenary Hospital and Rosalie Hall next door. The sisters sold the hospital to the Ontario Government for $1 some years ago and now, Rosalie Hall will be governed by a lay Board of Directors. Like our own Franciscan Sisters, the Misericordia Order is not getting new vocations. Sr. Francoise was one of the last two Misericordia sisters in Ontario. We got to know sister a little better, hearing about her very large family (they were good Catholics!) growing up French-Canadian and her struggles to get an education program established and accredited at the centre. Petite, soft spoke Sr. Francoise told us about standing up to the big male inspectors and about the difficulties of being a young girl, pregnant and alone. She was very proud of the fact that from starting with one subject, math, the girls can now get all their high school credits at the centre and that many of the residents now continue on to Colleges and professions. Some return to give back by helping out at the home. Sister is now retired at her beautiful Mother House in Quebec. She says we are all invited to visit, but don’t all come at the same time!



February 19, 2005


Our dance this year was held at the beautiful Grand Baccus Banquet Hall on McNicoll Avenue in Scarborough.  Miss Live Wire herself, our own Heather Bubb-Clarke, kept the music going hot, hot, hot all night!  The hall was new and lovely and the people were beautifully dressed, many in the Chinese style, in keeping with the theme.  Three quarters of our guests will tell you that they had a wonderful time.  The latter one quarter will tell you a different story.  That is because the food fiasco.  To cut a long story short, we brought in extra food (the roasted pigs), we volunteered our experienced servers, we offered to supplement the dessert table (for which we were charged extra), but the hall declined our help and assured us that everything would be fine.  We were to just enjoy the evening.  Apparently, they did not know how to cater a buffet for a Jamaican crowd.  To the hall's credit, they did provide a few additional chops, rice etc. to fill the gap.  We sorry 'bout all dat and say 'tanks, man for all yu understanding and continued support.

However, to avoid a repeat fiasco, our February 25th 2006 dance will be a sit down affair with a band & disco.  So polish up those dancing shoes and forget about the past.  Let's look forward to the future with excited anticipation and gusto!  You know we always have a Jamrocking good time!!! 


Alpha, ICHSAA and StGC Old Boys

August picnic at Milne Park, Markham


 Sunday, August 14, 2005 was our annual tri sponsored picnic with Alpha and St. G C.  The sun kept playing hide and seek all day and decided to come out only when people started to leave(sounds familiar)!  The crowd was kind of small for THREE schools, but it was still not too bad.  At least, we could all hold under the shelter together with Jo-Jo's big pot of pepper pot soup!  You know, we are going to have to steal her from Alpha and claim her as one of our own!  It was a day of dominos, and games, and celebrations (birthday & wedding), and good food and good company.  The championship game this year was the Group Ski Race.  The boys won and we beat Alpha.  But here is the thing….Immaculate could not man a complete team!  Half of us are plagued by bad knees and backs!  And the rest of us are so stylish, we attend picnics in sexy ¾ pants and high heeled mules!  I just love our 'girls'!  I think we are so unique and special!  Anyway, with borrowed boogas and daughters, we out skied Alpha.  The boys, our stalwart champions, were in turn beaten by our Iranian 'friends' who just saw us having fun, moved in to use our net and balls and stuff, and then challenged us to a race!  It was uplifting for me to see complete strangers compete with total friendly camaraderie.  Makes me believe there is hope yet for humanity.  Maybe we Jamaicans should lead the way.





     On Tuesday, October 11, 2005, The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee conferred on Sr. Grace Yap O.S.F. the Honourary degree of Doctor of Divinity.

     Sr. Grace is the daughter of the late Wally and Ivy Yap of St. Andrew, Jamaica.  She attended Suthermere Preparatory School and the Immaculate Conception High School.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Arts in Theology from St. Bonaventure University.

     Sr. Grace has served as Principal of Marymount Prep in Portland and has taught at I.C.H.S., where she also established Campus Ministry and acted as Head of the Religion Department.  She has also worked in Pastoral Ministry at Our Lady of the Angels Church, St. Pius X Church and the Centre for Religious Education.  Overseas, Sister ministered to West Indian immigrants at the West Indian Chaplaincy in Birmingham, England.  In 1995 she officially became the Founder and Director of Franciscan Ministries, a charitable organization, whose mission is to serve the poor and marginalized, to promote peace and justice through community development and to care for the environment.  Her ministry is carried out mainly in the inner-city communities of Kingston, where in 2001 she also convened a peace council, the Inner-city United Development Council (IUDC).  One of her current projects is The Trench Town Culture Yard, an inner-city tourist attraction.

     In 1999 she received the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Individual Award for Community Service, and in 2002, the Franciscan Federation of North America Peacemaker Award.

     Since 1996, Sr. Grace has served as a member of the Leadership Team, Jamaica Region, of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.  She resides at Immaculate where the offices of Franciscan Ministries are also located. 




Sr. Grace Yap was recently honoured by The University of the South with a Doctor of Divinity for her work among the poor, especially through Franciscan Ministries, which was established by her in January 1995.  She now has one of each!  Way to go sista! 

Bert and Janet Wong (nee Chin) welcomed granddaughter, Erica Marie Wong on December 2, 2004.  Parents Craig and Heather are tickled pink! 

Sonny and Joan Chang (nee Lee) welcomed granddaughter, Olivia Bayley Lue Sang on September 12, 2004.

Sister, Marissa and parents Ray and Elinor are also tickled pink! 

Psssst…..yu hear say St. George's now have girl students?!! 

Congrats to Ray Chang on his Honourary Doctor of Business received last week from Ryerson University, where he has also established the G. Raymond Chang School for Continuing Education. 

Congrats to Jo-Jo Ho Lung as the new President of Alpha Alumnae Association!


Prayers and condolences are extended to the families of the recently departed:


Edward Hugh, father of Shirley‘s husband, Noel (Lammy).  

Joseph Wong & Ruby Wong, parents of Laraine Phillips. 

Marlene Thurston (Carr) died suddenly. 

Sadie Steer-Murdock, who passed away on February 16th 2005 in Fort Worth, Texas. Sister to Eula Steer-Millegen and Maggie Steer. 

Anthony Christopher Lue, father of Pauline Hugh, Marlene Li, bother-in-law to Audrey Lue. 

Albert Lyew, brother of June Chong on March 29,2005. 

Elizabeth (Betty) Gentles (Taafe), on May 17th, leaving sister Christine Brown and many relatives.

 Lorna Love, sister of our new Principal, Sr. Angella, last week in Jamaica.

 Sr. Regina Clare, who passed away peacefully, on November 11th at ICHS. She was the sister of Fr. John Alexander and taught mostly in MoBay and our primary schools, such as St. Aloysius.


Caribbean Christmas Concert
featuring Fr. Ho Lung & Friends from Jamaica


Chinese Martyrs Church, Denison & McCowan, Markham
Saturday, November 26th, 2005 - 8.00 p.m. 

St. Anne’s R.C. Church, 115 Vodden St. East, Brampton
Sunday, November 27th, 2005 - 5.00 p.m.


For Tickets, Call: Friends of the Poor: 905 940-2606 & 416 292 5901

Chinese Martyr Church: 905 294 1377 

St. Anne’s RC church: 905 453 1303

 Proceeds in aid of Missionaries of the Poor.

“A Moment in Time” 

An Exhibition of Photographic Works

by Heather Bubb-Clarke

 December 2-4, 2005
Friday & Saturday 11am - 9pm
Sunday 12 am - 6 pm


J Elizabeth Gallery

139 Main Street, Unionville - 905 477 7007


Come support a fellow alumna and bring your cheque book!




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