Alumnae Association

Ad Astra
is published by the
Immaculate Conception
High School
Alumnae Association -
Toronto Chapter

I.C.H.S. Newsletter
, 2008
Volume 3,  No 4

Editorial Staff
Donette Chin-Loy
Yvonne Lyew

Yvonne Lyew  Membership 

Executive Committee 2006-8 

Cathrine Sani           President
Lorraine Chung       Vice President
Jacqueline Lue    Corres.Secretary
Kathryn Thompson Asst.Cor.Secretary
Yvonne Lyew          Treasurer
Alison Martin            Ast.Treasurer 


Floor Members
Heather Bubb-Clark
Donette Chin-Loy
Kimberlie Cornwall
Sandra Hardie
Ethlyn Ho Shue
Gloria Ho Shue
Tanya Hugh
Alicia Martin
Susan McCrindle
Carla Moore
Sylvia Tavares
Ina Williams
Annette Wong
Sadie Wong


Please share your news with us
Weddings, Births, Deaths,
Academic Achievements etc.
Yvonne 905 305 1727
Fax:  416 964 9605



Ad Astra


Immaculate Conception
 High School

Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)


May, 2008
Volume 3, Number 4



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