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An old friend from my Jamaica days turned me on to this web page. I love it. I am Sebastian Lopez and went to St. George's from 1955 to 1959. My family immigrated to Montreal Canada in 1959 and I "had to go too" since my father applied for the whole family. In Montreal, I joined different types of music bands and finally ended up in The Coral Islanders, with some guys from Barbados, and eventually we became The Islanders (just 2 guys) who went on to make LP's, play at The Edgewater, and was fortunate enough to play Vegas once. As for my Georgian days, I will get into that next email. I gave up the music business, went back to engineering which I got into shortly after moving to Montreal, and although I kept playing at various type functions, I had to quit a few months ago due to arthritis in my hands. I now live in California with my beautiful Hawaiin wife. I will be checking this site more often for sure. Take care, Sebastian
I am Gene Burkett Attended St.Georges 1951-!954. Surfacing the web I came across the site for the StGC. Impressive. Read some of the e-mail from alumni but besides BERNARD chin of 1950-3 I did not recognize anyone else. Bernard raised some interesting names to wit Bully Beef Kenward. Can't forget his goal in Manning cup from near the midfield, the Bartolo brothers- Marcelo the goalkeeper and his younger brother. I too was in Boarding school with Fr. Fuhs as our Prefect. What a guy reputedly the deadliest left hand in the school until he tried to slap Kenward. He never did that again and was man enough to apologise. Bernard I didn't get your e-mail but I am sure there are a lot of stories we could swap about the days of Frs. Hennessey, Hannas and the like. If there are any alumni who went to Haiti in 1954 to the dual meet against St. Louis de Gonzague please contact me at
HI Georgians,
I was just reading today, 10/20/99, the Sept. issue of the Canadian STGC OB association's Newsletter talking about the planned meeting and gathering with Old time Jesuits that taught some of us back in the 60s and early 70s, to be held on 10/22/99. I could not make it, due to work and distance from the University of Iowa (USA) where I work. But I was so moved when I recalled the names of some of those guys like Fr. Higgins, Hayes, Quinlan and Duffy etc. So I moved quickly and gave Fr. Quinlan, after checking out the number for Campion House on the Internet, a call. He still sounds great, and in fact still rememberd me even though it is now 30 years since. I left STGC in 1969/70.
I asked him to hail all the other priests still going strong, and to hail the STGC Old Boys who visit for me. Keep it strong "Old Boys".
Hi you out there I am an old boy of the blue & white and would like to make contact with anyone who went to Haiti in 1951 for a duel meet. The soccer team consisted of; Goal: Teddy Saunders, Back: Roper & Aubrey Lowe , Half Line: Keith Smith , (Neville DaCosta), Frank Lewis Fwd/line: B. Rhoden, Byron Lee, Mickey Cooke, Bobby Williams. Walter Norton was on the track team. Any of you still around and read this please get in touch.Neville DaCosta email:
Hi, my name is Peter Mogg , '71 and since I left Ja. after completion of the third form I have lost contact with all of my classmates. I would love to hear from anyone who graduated around 1971 ( the year I would have graduated ). My email address is
This is Keith Mitchell, '64 saying thanks for this fantastic website. I have already made contact with a few members of my graduating class ( Barry Cheong, Gary Williamson, Howard McGaw, Errol Chang) and a couple other people who were at St. George's between 1960 and 1966. I would also like to get in touch with Francis Fyfe, Carl Wilson and Colin Lee. If anyone knows where to find them, please e-mail me at .
Hi Georgians;i am Canute White (class of 84):remember me. Ihave also summited articles in several News letters. Well; i am still around and am on the net E-mail I am willing to accept your mail and we can communicate. Where is the class of 84? sent me a mail if you wish.The poem below was written on my graduation day. It can be a great material for publication on the net.


Forward St. George's after I am gone
The Jesuit fathers will foster you
To go on;
After a long time which will past,
I will remember you as long as life

Be good Georgians who remain on her
So the dignity in her name will always
Be found.
Her standard will be proclaimed
And St. George's will stay a great name.

O' great St. George's in blue and white,
So many great Jamaicans you have
Shown the light,
And many youths will enter your gates,
Then leave your campus feeling proud
And great.

Be proud old boys of St. George's College,
Be grateful to her for so great a knowledge.
Come back to see her; she needs your help,
She needs your love; she should not turn
To no one else.

O' great campus of aesthetic taste,
The memories of you will never be erased.
I admired many things but most of all
Your beautiful turf
And your blue and white Cathedral church.

Fly the blue and white flag of St. G.C
And sound the letters of A.M.D.G.,
So that the world can know we are still
To sing her song and shout her motto:
Ad Mojorem dei Gloriuam
(To the greater glory of God)

Canute B. White
St. George's old boy (Class of 84)
Written: July 1, 1984 (Graduation Day)

-- Hail to all St.G.C. old boys especially those who graduated in 1991 you can link me Calos B. Wilson at
Jim Vermillion (Faculty) 70-75
I'm happy to see that STGC now has a home page! While I'm technically not an STGC old boy, I spent several wonderful years on the faculty at STGC and would like to be back in touch with the many dear friends I made while there. Right now, I'm next door in Haiti working for the U.S. Agency for International Development. I was STGC from 1970 through 1975. I taught "O" level maths originally and then, after Chaps passed away I took his place and taught "A" level maths. Great years!!!
My e-mail is
Bruce Helwig ,
Wishing to communicate with other 1965 graduates. Franklin Lue, Rabbi, Bowsie/Anthony Lue, Bailey Kong, et al
Class of 1977 under pressure. I know more of us are on the net. There are much more Georgians, of any era, online. Rope een brethren! Cyberspace is the first true realm of the future. Touch base, and tell your friends ...... even if they're unfortunate enough to have been deprived of the Georgian experience. Special regards to the author(s) of this forum .... unnuh fi cum een!
I would like to get in touch with St.G.C. old boys (1939 and later) Are they around? My e-mail address is Drop me a few lines. Let me know how are things with you.(Fouad Khouri)
I made contact with one good friend from the ST.G.C. days, Hugh Smith, through this web site. But neither of us has heard from Cosmo Holding. He was from the 1985 Graduating class, so Cosmo if you're out there, drop me an email.
John Malcolm StGC '85
As always the cream rises to the top. It is great to see that STGC has a web page and a forum where alumni can stay in touch. My name is Rohan Walker of the class of 84. I'm now in Alaska by way of Colorado by way of California by way of Texas by way of Saint George's College. My e-mail address is I'll be staying in touch.
Thanks for JaWeb.!! I am a Janadian-Georgian, surfing the Web and "buck-up" on JaWeb from YAHOO!. This is great to have St.G.C. on the World Wide Web. I will be checking in on this once in awhile.
Bouy, mi cawn believe se mi fin a St. George's page. I am a graduate from the '87 class. Hopefully I can find someone that I know on here. I am Michael Thompson.
Greetings to all and many thanks for this medium - It is very much appeciated. I am a 1965 graduate of St. Georges and will be checking in from time to time with a eye for furthering the cause of St. Georges. I would enjoy getting EMails ( from former school mates that knows me, particlarly Lascelles Buchanan and Keith Mitchell. The last thing I heard is that they were in New York.
To whom it may concern, I was just surfing the net and was very pleased to find the St.G.C. Old Boys home page. I would like to commend the person(s) involved in starting this project. My name is Christopher Morgan and I graduated in the Class of '83. My e-mail address is : CMORGAN@AMERICAN.EDU. Could you please add my name and address to the list of Georgians on the net. Thank You.
Never thought I'd see STGC on the WEB! Mark Smith, StGC '71 here. My E-mail is I already see someone on your list that I recognize from when I was there. Had to go dig out the old Lance from that year to put a face with the name!
Did a search on Yahoo! and ran across a reference to the St. George's College Old Boys Association. Being on old "Georges boy" -- until 3rd form -- I could not resist checking out the Newsletters, etc.
Some old memories, a tear or two for references to friends and a teacher who had passed away, and I ended up at the JaWeb site.
I left Jamaica in 1955 (in my middle teens) and last returned in 1976. My love of that wonderful place has never diminished though most of my family have either left for colder climes or passed away. The Stephensons and the Nash families (my mother's side) come from the St. Ann's Bay, Discover Bay (was Dry Harbour then), and Browns Town areas. My father's family were Kingston people. I found JaWeb fascinating and plan to visit often.
I have a Home ... I mean Yard Page at: A link would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.
Russ Campbell , Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Great Web Site!!! I found a class mate that I have not seen or heard from in years. Please add my e-mail address to the list. I am Gary Williamson, Class of 1964, With thanks, Gary
Dear Sirs, I graduated in 1985, and now reside in the UK, I was just serfing the Jamaica Yard page on a boring cold Friday evening and stumbled into my School. I'd like to contact any other Georgians living in the UK or anywhere else. Regards, John Malcolm email
Newton Wright
This is just a Hello! I am very glad to see STGC on the Net.Was in Ja two mmonths ago, went down Georges with the kids to show them around. Nobody told me we were on the Web. Now I can keep up with the news. You guys are doing a good job - keep it up! Oh I am based in London and there is no chapter here. I don't know of any old boys either. Of course there must beanother one or two or even three in London! So keep up the good work. - Newty calss of '75.
This is my second attempt at locating Jaweb....tried some time last year and didn't make it...anyway...dis time was awright... I was at STGC from 1950-53..then went to England in '54...back to '60...stayed there until '70,when I left for Canada where I have been to the present time,,during this time I spent 6 years in Montreal until the separatists decide to do their thing..then I moved to Toronto...some names I would like to throw out as being in school with...Robert Simpson,the brothers Sharpe,Tomlinsons,Vieras(Martin& Raymond)Eddie Harper,BullyBeef Kenwood,Audley'Muscles'Chin,Larry Coombs,the Barcello brothers,Raymond Sykes,the Davidsons boys,Larry McDonald,Barry Parkes,Leslie Teape,and on and on...Most of these guys were at poarding school with me.. Maybe somebody(s) out dere can recognize any of the abovementioned and maybe even add some...hhmm? Love to hear from name is Bernard Chin(not the one in LA..but Toronto,Canada,,and my email addresses are...... and
Thank you for maintaining this medium to keep in touch with our old school and former classmates. I am Robert Delapenha, class of 1972. I am interested in making contact with other members of my graduating class who may be on the web. The old boys association will be organizing a 25 year reunion for our class this year. The reunion will occur in Jamaica in conjunction with other St. George's Day activities. The date: April 26, 1997. I would love to hear from as many colleagues as possible. E-mail addresses:; Phone:(202)865-1877
Having STGC on Jaweb is is an excellent idea.It may be a good way of locating old classmates. There was a guy who attended STGC 1959-1963 named Winston "Feeble" Barton. Anyone who might know his whereabouts, please contact me at ""
David Brandon, StGC '63
STGC, STGC!! We are the "men" of the White and Blue:!!
Hail to all Georgians: it really is good to link up with this page. I have also made links through the 'net with other classmates, but this is great. Graduated in'69 with man like Devon Lewis, Lennie Martin, Richard Nicholson, Eggie Webb, Natius Patterson and them man de. Glen Thame, Derek Carty - peace and love to all. Dr. David McGaw. Big shout to Dr.Peter Figueroa, and Dr. Trevor Monroe. I am sending this via my nescape mail, but my most used e-mail address is at the University at Buffalo, where I am a faculty member in the Medical Library responsible for the Information Management Education department. I can also be visited on the web at
Thanks,Neville Prendergast
Well it was quite a suprize while surfing the net to meet jaweb and all these georgians. I am Josh Thompson and graduate from the year 1966. I am a member of the old boy's toronto chapter.They will be having their general meeting on Mar 16 and we are hoping for a good turn out. I was in Jamaica last month and was fortunate to be given a very good tour of the school.let me tell you as my grandaughter says s.t.g.c. rules.the school looks better than before and i felt proud showing it off to my wife who hails from Trinidad.the only one who can match me as a proud georgian is skedron.ja is boss,thanks,
My name is Josh Thompson and I graduated in 1966.I am a member of the Toronto chapter of the old boy's assoc.I came here in 1974 and married a Trini and now we have two daughters and a grandaughterto boot.I recognized Gary Williamson on the StGC yard page and I immediately recognize that he was cadet which brought to mind Courtland Matthews.I hope a few fellow georgians recognize me and decide to drop me an e-mail. I just returned from holidaying in Jamaica and let me tell you StGC rules!!!!!! the school looked the best I have since I left in 1966.any how they still haven't fixed the broken window where I sat behind Pluto Shervington.We always tell Pluto to sing it because that way he wouldn't stammer.I was very proud of my high school when I took my wife on tour.Isn't it great to have gone to the best high school on the planet.Ask a Georges grad he will tell you.Take care- Josh Thompson class of 1966.
E-mail address:
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