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Ad Astra


Immaculate Conception
 High School

Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)


September, 2006
Volume 2, Number 2



Dr. The Honourable Louise Bennett Coverley,
 O.M., MBE, DLitt

by Donette Chin-Loy


What can I say about Miss Lou that has not yet been said?  Cultural ambassador, cultural icon, national heroine, brilliant story teller, renaissance woman, larger than life, mother, stepmother, aunt, friend, companion, wife, confidante, mother of our nation………love, love and more love.

 You might say I'm one of Miss Lou's recent friends.  I never grew up reading Miss Lou's books or attending her plays - we weren't allowed to do so - "bad English" my father thought.  But my brother and I would listen to the "Lou and Ranny Show" on radio, on low volume, so our parents wouldn't be alerted…..we had lots of fun listening. 

 Ray and I met Miss Lou about the time she lost her dear husband Eric Coverley.  I had been trying to get an interview with her for a television show I hosted in Jamaica.  That was five years ago.  We walked into her apartment the night her husband died and there was much hustle and bustle, as folks came to pay their respects. I never did interview her for that show, but what developed, was a deep respect and admiration, on both sides. 

 Over that short time, Ray and I shared many warm and intimate moments with Miss Lou at her Scarborough residence and sometimes at our home.   She was always laughing and on a bad day she would remember her dear "Rico" and then say:  "But God is good, me chile."  Miss Lou always insisted on singing "walk good" just before ending a phone conversation or as you were going through the door.  "Walk good, walk good and may good duppy walk with you."

 She loved the finer things in life and deserved them to the fullest.  Miss Lou loved life itself and epitomized the ideal we all strive for:  Selflessness, a clean and honest life, old time values, love of country and people.  She never suffered fools gladly, but was always gracious, even when deeply offended.   

 Miss Lou liked hamchoy and pork, grapes sans seeds, sweets and beautiful head wraps and dashikis.  She didn't like being alone, never ate chicken, and didn't tolerate crass behaviour.

 In her twilight years Miss Lou's social appearances lessened.  However, I'll never forget the time, about three years ago, when she came out to the Sesquicentennial Celebrations of the Chinese in Jamaica, in Toronto.  She sang and danced up a storm with Phillip Chen.  Shortly after she got her first stroke and slowed down  but never lost that "joie de vivre." 

 Miss Lou's last public appearance was with us at our ICHS luncheon.  I'll always remember Sr. Maureen Clare saying:  "Oh my goodness, Miss Lou!"……….then they hugged.  She joined Ray and me that day, for what was supposed to be a quiet, laid back afternoon, and so it was for her, at one time she closed her eyes in meditation.  She ate well that afternoon, and as you recall, was "on form"- telling stories and singing, though obviously tired and weary.   It was no coincidence that she spent her last outing with us……..after all, we know there are no coincidences in life.  It was meant to be, for the stars lined up and we were blessed that day. 

 I now own several of Miss Lou's books, a Pantomime photo of Miss Lou and Ranny Williams, a Miss Lou doll (a gift from the lady herself) and a load of memories that will stay with me for a long, long time.

Miss Lou passed away peacefully, at her home, on Wednesday, July 26, 2006.  

We no longer hear her voice on the phone, or feel her aura as she enters a room.  But what I do know is that Miss Lou will live forever - in our hearts, our culture, our history, our children and their children…….for indeed she has made her mark on the sands of time.

I sent this to her on her birthday this year on September 7th.   I'm sure the mail in Heaven is reliable:


I know you're somewhere in heaven giving jokes and telling stories
I know all the angels and archangels are listening intently
I know Chalk Talk Eric is by your side drawing the pictures as you tell the stories

I hope when we meet again you'll laugh the same hearty way and that you'll tell me once more how you and Eric met and all your adventures at the BBC, JCDC and about your adventurous and wonderful earthly life.

You were so much like a "fresh wind" that blew with great gusto, touching each face and life that came in your path.

I miss you Miss Lou but we shall meet one day again.  And beg yu save a small space for me at your side.

 Fly good Miss Lou

One Love,  Donette

Dr. The Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley, O.M., MBE, DLitt (aka Miss Lou)

Annual Mass/Luncheon
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 

Please join us as we celebrate with the congregation at

 St. Justin, Martyr Catholic Church

3898 Highway #7 East, Unionville, Ontario
(Located on Hwy 7, East of Warden on the North side)

 Sunday, December 3rd, 2006 - 12.15 p.m. 

Our annual Pot-Luck luncheon follows immediately
after in the Church Hall - Lower Level


President's Message

My Dear Fellow Alumnae, 

I am honoured to be the President of the ICHS AA Toronto Chapter for the period 2006 - 2008 and I take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence and to welcome the members of the new executive.  This is the largest and most diverse Executive that the association has had in many years.  Finally new, young members!!

 Let me start by thanking Yvonne Lyew, our former president, and her executive for all their hard work and dedication.  Through them our association has grown and without them our association would not be what it is today.

My term as President has already been extremely eventful starting with the Luncheon on July 23rd, 2006.  Those of us present got a thrill when Miss Lou, Donette Chin-Loy's guest, entertained us, in her jovial style, with a little storytelling and a little singing after which I had the distinct pleasure of conferring on Miss Lou, the designation of Honourary Member of the ICHS AA Toronto Chapter.  Though it was done in an unorthodox manner (with a little prompting by Donette)… it was done!…. Little did we know that it would have been her last public performance and the last honour conferred upon her while alive.  Thanks Donette!

 Having been extremely nervous about conferring the designation of Honourary Member on Miss Lou, I realized how little I knew about the rules and regulations of our association and its inception. Getting up to speed became my mission during the next few weeks. I reviewed them (you will see that they have not changed since 1978)., met with some of our long standing members and was given a lot of background information. Most importantly, Sadie Wong gave me an article about the origin of our association - “The Mustard Seed” a reprint of which can be found in this newsletter. Please take a moment to read it.

 It is my hope that over the next two years we will be able to draw on the young, vibrant talent that we now have to bring the association into the 21st century and that the association will continue to grow under the leadership of the new Executive.

 Sincerely yours,

 Cathrine (Katy) Sani



The Mustard Seed

                                                                                                Reprinted 1992

In the Fall of 1977, Sr. Maureen Clare arrived in Toronto to plant a little mustard seed. She had the idea to start a Toronto Chapter of the ICHS Alumnae Association. At that time the school was in need of help and with a large number of “old girls” relocated to Toronto, she thought it would be a good place to plant her idea. She was right! Sister held three meetings in the homes of Sadie Wong, Marjorie Lyn and Adrienne Aarons. The girls were very receptive to the idea and on June 12, 1978 the Toronto Chapter of the ICHS Alumnae Association was born, with Sadie Wong as its official Convenor. The constitution of the Jamaica Chapter was used as the basis of the new chapter’s own constitution and on June 19, 1978 the Toronto Chapter of the ICHS Alumnae Association was registered with the Government of Ontario as a non-profit social organization.

 In those early days “seed money” was non-existent and so all the committee members were obliged to attend the various functions and also prepay for themselves and their escorts! Those darling escorts were unaware that they had “volunteered” to work at said functions, until the big night arrived! But work they did, and Immaculate will always be indebted to her “old boys”. So also did the girls work, while at the same time having a tremendous amount of fun! This was how the Chapter built its assets for the first few years. Sister’s girls also knew how to use their contacts and their charm! Luckily, every girl was able to donate or had a contact who could donate goods and services free. For us begging, always with the dignity of an ICHS lady, became an institution! Two of our many generous friends to mention are Mr Arthur Wright, who did our printing free, and Air Jamaica. On July 28, 1978 we held our first dinner/dance at the Holy Spirit Church Hall (rent free). We all prayed very hard over that dance, especially when it began to rain! The dance was a huge success and that was the start of a never-ending line of fund raisers, not only for ICHS but for many other West Indian alumnae associations which followed. Once again, ICHS had led the way!

 The first objective to aid our Alma Mater was met when we donated all the equipment for the newly built Science Labs, making them the best equipped on the island. It was our policy at that time not to send cash to Jamaica, bur rather goods purchased in Canada. In that way we avoided monetary criticisms from both Jamaican-Canadians and established Canadians, while at the same time supporting the economy of our new homeland.

 Our second objective was to foster contact among our alumnae, and this we have done through our various social functions. It has always been gratifying to hear at various functions shrieks of: “Girl, a you dat?!! “The standing committee also kept the contact network going through the telephone and the AD ASTRA, a quarterly newsletter established in 1988.

 We are very happy that as graduates of Immaculate, we have held fast to our spiritual heritage. Many of us flounder at times, but very few of us lose faith completely. The Toronto Chapter has tried to live the faith through small acts of charity. We started by providing transportation for some senior citizens to and from church, being their only means of attending mass. We are now a regular supporter of ROSALIE HALL, a centre for unwed mothers, mostly teenagers. We have always had a spiritual moderator and organized an almost annual mass/brunch on December 8th or in May.

 As an update, the Toronto Chapter, in co-operation with the other three alumnae chapters, donated two buses to the school. We have also donated some equipment for the school cafeteria and will help provide audio-visual aids for a new teacher’s enrichment program. This year in honour of Sr. Maureen Clare, on the occasion of her retirement as School Principal, the Toronto Chapter will donate CAD1,200.00 each school year in aid of the Breakfast Program.

 A sure sign of stability is continuity in the face of change. Over the years the standing committee has changed many times. This year we are fourteen years old and growing well, with a Canadian mailing list today of almost 400 alumnae. It would seem that Sister Maureen Clare’s mustard seed fell on fertile ground.

Newly Elected Committee Members 2006 - 2008


Adventures on the road with Joan and Ina


 by Suzanne Read

Little did I know what I was in for, when I volunteered to drive to the Franciscan Motherhouse in New York. Logging on to MapQuest, I discovered that the convent, named for St Elizabeth, is located in Allegany, not Allegheny. I printed the directions, and packed an old Triptik and New York state map. We left Ina's home at 7:00 am, Joan riding shotgun and Ina navigating from the back seat. Our supplies included triple quantities of juice, water, nuts and cookies (yes, we experienced travellers ALL packed snacks) plus gifts of patties, plantain tarts and pepper sauce. We managed to miss the rush hour of traffic; alas, we hit it in Hamilton.  We made our first "detour" just after crossing the border, when Ina could not decipher east from west on her transcribed directions from previous trips. This cost us all of 30 cents on the interstate toll road, and an opportunity to visit the ladies room. The second detour was just outside of Allegany, when we turned on to the "back way" into town; we simply back tracked a whole 200m. Nice scenic drive and good company.

We arrived on time for lunch at the Motherhouse, a lovely low, deceptively large building at the top of a hill. At the base of the hill on one side is a church, and on the other side, a cemetery. The lawn green, flower beds bright, the trees tall and stately. Inside, we were greeted by Sr Grace and Sr Maureen Clare, and met some of the sisters from Brazil, who were attending meetings at the Motherhouse. (Did you know that our Franciscan nuns serve communities in Jamaica, the eastern USA and Brazil; and operate three hospitals in the United States.The building was cool and spacious, built many years ago when there were 60 postulants entering annually. The chapel majestic with an air of serenity. There is a newly commissioned statue of Our Lord on the main floor, in what I think is the administrative wing. We had lunch in the cafeteria, joined by Sr Mary Agnes (remember her from the bookstore?), Sr Avril Chin Fatt (retired from St Joseph Teacher's College) and Sr Angella Harris, our new principal at ICHS.  Sr. Avril is the first Jamaica and the first Chinese to be appointed Director General of the Order! Many sisters came by to greet us but, we missed visiting with Sr Tarcisia (the librarian- can you still see her walking with the dogs near the castle at the back of the school?)

A prayer, a quick tour of Allegany, a drive through the St. Bonaventure University campus around which the town was built, a short stop at the university chapel (I found out who all the Franciscan saints are), and we were off on our return adventure, with Ina riding shotgun and navigating. The ride back was uneventful, until we approached Buffalo. "Are you SURE this is the way, Ina?" said I. "Yes, man," replied Ina. "You SURE this is the right exit?" said I. "Yes, man," said Ina. I took the exit. Then I heard Sr Maureen Clare sing out from the back seat: "You're going the wrong way. We should be going towards Buffalo." It's good to have an extra navigator in the car! A quick u-turn and we made it into Buffalo. But Ina still had a problem with left and right and we ended up on the wrong road. Another quick u-turn! Once over the border, we sampled the delightful washrooms of the golden arches, and Sr Angella had her first snack on Canadian soil: french fries (alas, poutine unavailable). We went by the spectacular Niagara Falls, past the gardens, whirlpool, casinos, and floral clock. Yet another quick u-turn - I missed the parking lot! We enjoyed a leisurely drive through Lewiston, past General Brock's statue and Laura Secord's home (yes, she was a real person; no, she was not a chocolate maker), then on through Niagara-on-the-Lake, ogling the houses on the waterfront, the vineyards and farms, up and down main street past the famous Prince Edward Hotel. After much arguing we took the nuns to supper in a little sports bar in Virgil. It was a quiet drive back to Toronto, no u-turns or detours, plenty of quiet chatter and catching up on news. The adventure ended around midnight, just like Cinderella's.

Driving with Joan and Sister and Sister.......

So Joan calls me and says: "Sister Maureen Clare is all rested now and Sr Angella is just going for a short nap; how about coming with us to Ontario Place for the Chinese Lantern Festival tonight?" 

Joan comes to the door a little while later, and informs me I am driving. "I will navigate," says I, "No, no," says Joan, "you drive." So I put on my driving/tour guide hat, and we meander through the old neighbourhoods along Kingston Road, west to Dundas Ave, past Regent Park, old Chinatown, south on Spadina and the garment district to the Lakeshore. And all by myself, I miss the turn for the Ontario Place parking lot, so we pass the renovated Casino/Palais Royale and make our routing u-turn. Never mind, we get a view of the lights from the Lantern Festival, through the mist. It was the first night of the exhibit, and because of earlier rains, it was not very busy. We had supper while being serenaded by musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments, followed by kung fu demonstrations; then we strolled around to see the elaborate sculptures, many constructed of dishes tied together with twine, and one (amazingly) of silk moth cocoons. The evening ended with a drive up Jarvis, along Bloor through Greektown and home.

Driving back again.....

After the executive meeting on Saturday, I told Yvonne that I will drive to Buffalo if necessary. Sr Angella would be leaving on Sunday, but Sr Maureen Clare will need a ride on Tuesday. Tuesday  morning, Sr Maureen Clare left Toronto with her honour guard of Joan, Yvonne, and Sylvia Chin (she taught English at ICHS in the 70's, and is recently retired). This time, there are no u- turns, though we were delayed briefly at the border. (My, aren't some of the customs officers ill-mannered and bullying? alas, a function of US homeland security). We arrived early at the airport, where we were to meet Sr. Mary Rose. The sisters were to travel together back to the Motherhouse. Sr. Maureen Clare still had a busy round of visits and meetings, including a conference in Rochester, before heading back to Jamaica.

We had lunch at the airport, departed for another leisurely drive back to Toronto. In keeping with our tradition, we made a u-turn as we untangled ourselves from directions to an outlet mall! This time, the fault was the tour guide’s (moi), not the navigator’s (Joan)......ah well, we fattened our eyes, then headed home, where we arrived before nightfall.

It was fun driving with these ladies over the past week. I feel as if they are family, even though there is no blood relationship. We are friends, yet they are the age and generation of my parents, and it was sometimes odd, calling them by their first names without the "aunt" honorific. We have talked about all kinds of things: old times, values, politics, raising children, schooling, church, movies, books, shows, family....I suppose that's what comes from becoming involved with the alumnae association, it has widened my circle of friends, and all around the one commonality of having attended Immaculate Conception High School. Truly, ICHS is one of the strongest ties that binds us together. I wonder what the next road trips will be like, who will drive......who has the maps? Joan? Ina? Yvonne?

P.S. from Ina; please note the u-turns occur even when I am not in the car! And courtesy of Sr. Angella, Suzanne’s title is not ’tour guide’ but ‘Miss U-turn expert’.


Luncheon at Sts. Peter and Paul Banquet Hall


The afternoon was muggy, and later it was very rainy, but the atmosphere in the Sts. Peter and Paul Hall was joyful and light. A hundred or so old girls and friends gathered to greet our new Principal, Sr Angella Harris, our past Principal, Sr Maureen Clare Hall, and to just catch up with each other. Lorraine Chung was the very able emcee, and the afternoon's activities flew by. First off, we had a surprise election, since the quorum requirements were satisfied. Then we enjoyed a tasty buffet luncheon that included salmon and chicken, fruit plate and scrumptious desserts.  

Sr. Angella made her debut, with a report of "happenings" at ICHS, as well as a synopsis of herself. She is a graduate of St Hugh's High School (1976) and the University of the West Indies (chemistry and mathematics). She converted to Catholicism and entered the convent in 1985, teaching senior math at ICHS for four years. In 1989, she taught math at Mt Alvernia, and later went on to serve as Principal for ten years. She has been principal at ICHS for one year. Her studies have taken her to Sam Sharpe Teachers College in Montego Bay, and to the Central Connecticut State University. This was her first visit to Canada.

 Sr Angella reported that the facilities at ICHS continue to be the best on the island. There were 1535 pupils this year, 270 in grade 12 and 13 (lower and upper 6th), 87 teachers (3 part-time), 27 administrative and support staff and 2 vice-principals. The girls have done well in lawn tennis and senior netball, and are still winning swim and track meets (1st in the corporate area and 5th overall). Three girls represented the island at the CARIFTA games, all winning medals in their events. CExC (replacing Cambridge/GCE "O" and "A" level exams) results continue to be good; the island's top 2 scholars are ICHS girls, and more importantly, all 260 students passed the Information Technology (computer studies) exams this year. ICHS is one  of few  institutions that possesses four complete computer labs, one of which will be renovated this year. IT is a compulsory "O" level subject. (Do you remember taking English, Religious Knowledge and Human & Social Biology in 4th form, and the rest in 5th form?)

Extra-curricular activities include badminton, synchronized swimming, karate, modern dance, Spanish, grooming and etiquette, science, Campus Ministries, some of which are run by community members. Music is alive and well, with membership in Glee Club strong enough to warrant senior and junior choirs. The orchestra club has 73 members, and this is separate from the concert and steel bands. Alas, there is no active Girl Guide company but Sr. Angella hopes to remedy this in 2006-2007.       

 Sr Angella has had a very busy introductory year to ICHS and looks forward to future challenges. She hopes to continue to raise the level of professionalism amongst her teachers, to increase the level of participation of parents through the Home School Association, and to maintain ICHS as a premier school in Jamaica. A "Big Sister" program for grades 7 and 8, supported by the Alumnae Association (Jamaica), will be introduced this year.  She was very pleased to put faces to our names and thanked everyone for their warm welcome, despite which she still needed to wear her sweater to deal with the cool Canadian summer. She thanked the Alumnae Association for their continued support and fierce loyalty to the school.   

Denise Bishop (Narcisse-Mair) presented a reflection on our motto "Ad Astra per Aspera" that had the audience nodding ruefully and laughing uproariously. Sr Grace (who was recently awarded an honourary doctorate from Sewanee University in Tennessee) described the upcoming Caribbean Youth Summit to be hosted by the Franciscan Ministries at ICHS, August 22-26. Sr Maureen Clare expressed her pleasure at visiting with the first off shore alumnae association once again.  Special guest Miss Lou, the  Hon. Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley, expressed her appreciation for the invitation and warm welcome to our "do". Ever the consummate performer, she launched into a short piece that brought "wata to many a  y'eye". She was made an honourary ICHS alumna by incoming president Katy Sani. This turned out to be Miss Lou's final public appearance; she died peacefully on Wednesday, July 26th.  

 There were many other special guests; from the New York Chapter- President Karlene Samuels Largie and Treasurer, Maxine White Levy; President Lesley Ann Samuel of the Maryland/DC Chapter; Sr. Jean Francis (Jamaica) and the newly appointed Jamaican Consul General, Anne-Marie Bonner (class of ‘71). Pamela Samuels Gazarallie (the prefect and girl guide with the verrry long hair) came especially from Lakeland, Florida to surprise her good friend, Sr. Angella. It was lovely to welcome Mrs Eula Millingen, the oldest grad present (1937) and one of Sr Marie Emmanuel's Girl Guide and right hand; and the youngest graduate Danique McIntosh (2004) who came with her family. Alpha Alumnae Association president, Jo-Jo Ho Lung and her husband,  St George's College Old Boys President, Danny Ho Lung, along with a smattering of other ICHS old boys (Franklin Lue, Vernon Hugh, David Chung and Gerry Lew).

 So who did I catch up with this time? From my year, I caught up with Susie McCrindle nee Ramsay (yes, she and Rosie were the rambunctious twins in boarding school), Karen Lue Tam (Ho Tom), Tanya Hugh (Tenn) and  Patsy Chung (Williams), but somehow  managed to miss Roma Bubb-Clarke. Yes girls, we still resemble our 15-year-old selves. Remember the six degrees of separation? Well, Vivien brought her mom, Mrs Iris Kong, whom my grandmother and mom knew well. They were sitting with Laraine Phillips (Wong), my late cousin Andrea's very dear friend, and 2nd cousin May Lynn Cheng  (Chen See). I sat with Daphne Chung (Lyn), mom of Josette and Maureen (they also wore verrry long hair at school and were guides with me), her sister Sadie Wong, and Michelle Wang, my kids' orthodontist in Richmond Hill, and also my second or third cousin. She will be informing all her other cousins, Bonnie Chen et al. what they missed...... Some "big girls" to me were Debbie Williams (Patsy's sister); Francine Leung (Ho Shue) (another guide); Donna Rutty (busy with CARIBram , these days); Annette Wong (Lyn), whose sister is married to my uncle (Annie was drafted, oops, volunteered, to serve on the new committee); Alison Martin (Payne), former "drama queen" in the nicest way, and one of Mrs Mais' eyeballs; she was accompanied by her sister Angela and other family members, and will serve on the new executive; Jilian Saweczo (Ramsay), Susie's sister; Marlene Taylor, ex-floor member. The "little girls" present were Fran Chin Loy (Chin) and Novelette (Angie) Graham-Hart who brought her baby. It was also great to see Frannie Lue, with mom Bev (Chung) and Adrienne Aarons; Fran taught her first year at West Hill CI with me, before moving to Earl Haig SS. Donette Chin Loy introduced herself over coffee; I remember her as older sister to Jonathon and Suzette, and their mom Daphne, all of whom took piano lessons with the late Mrs Myrtle Robbins-Lew, mother of Paula Depass and Phillipa.  I know some of Donette's cousins well, Charmaine, Jennifer, Michelle, Jacquie, and my sister Debbie is connected by marriage.... but that's another six degrees of separation story for next time........

 So finally, some closing notes: We enjoyed a lovely function, well organized by our outgoing committee headed by Yvonne Lyew (kudoes and thanks to the small army of helpers). We ICHS old girls know how to have a "nice time", be it a potluck luncheon after Mass, a sit down lunch, a picnic, a dance, even a meeting to plan one of these "nice times". Continue to support the school, and come see old friends.

 Spread the word, and tell people about the "nice time". For many of us, high school was a time when lasting friendships were made, and when we became much of who we are today. Some of the buildings are new, the teachers and principals may change, but the core of what ICHS means to us lives on. As alumnae, let's continue to support our Association so that other girls can enjoy the benefits of experiencing and living an ICHS education. See you at one of the next "nice times"! 


Present & past Presidents with Sr. Maureen Clare - Katy Sani & Yvonne Lyew

L-R: Michele Lym, Lorraine Chung, Anne-Marie Bonner (Jamaica Consul General),       Trudy Neumeyer and Pamela Samuels Gazarallie


L-R: Sr. Maureen Clare, Sr. Angella Harris, Denise Narcisse-Mair Bishop,
 Anne-Marie Bonner and Yvonne Lyew






Saturday, October 14Th 2006  

5.00 pm – midnight  
Angus Glen Community Centre
3990 Major Mackenzie Drive
Markham, Ontario, L6C 1P8

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

4.00 pm
Mass St.Mary de Leuca Convent Chapel 
290 Risebrough Circuit
Markham, Ontario L3R 3J4

6.00 pm   
Century Palace Restaurant
398 Ferrier Street  
Markham, Ontario L3R 2Z5

905-887-8069  Audrey Lue
905-294-5113  Sadie Wong
905-305-1727  Yvonne Lyew
416-299-0031  Ina Williams 


Caribbean Youth Summit  

 Forwarded by Laura Chin Pen

The Inaugural Caribbean Youth Summit was held at the Immaculate Conception Convent in Kingston, Jamaica - August 22 - 26, 2006. The Summit was hosted by Franciscan Ministries, a programme of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany under the direction of Sr. Grace Yap, OSF; it brought together young adults between the ages of 18-35 from eight Caribbean nations including Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominica, St. Lucia and Guyana to envision, plan and present recommendations for where they would like to see the region by 2020. The delegates were youth leaders drawn from a wide cross-section of non-governmental, governmental, and religious bodies.  Under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency The Most Honourable Professor Kenneth Hall, ON, OJ, Governor-General, the areas explored during the Summit included health, education, culture, the environment, socio-economic issues and spirituality & values.

 The Gala Opening of the CYS was held on Tuesday August 22 in the Convent's beautiful lobby and garden.  The guest speaker for the Gala was the Hon. Mr. Vince Henderson, Minister of Education, Human Resource Development and Youth Affairs of the Commonwealth of Dominica.  Mr. Henderson challenged the youth to take charge of the development of the region which lay in their hands.  He called for very special attention to the lives of young men who were increasingly being pushed to the margins of Caribbean society. We were wonderfully entertained by Jamaican prodigy - Jessica Yap, violinist, the Trench Town Nyabinghi and the Hummingbird Steel Band.

 The Summit continued with a series of presentations and discussions, a celebration of Caribbean cultures, and a Town Hall meeting with Dr. Kingsley "Ragashanti" Stewart and representatives of both political parties. The Youth leaders, under the guidance of presenters like the Jamaica Red Cross, Mr. Andrew Pairman, Dr. Barry Chevannes, Dr. Orville Taylor, and ICHS Alumnae Mrs. Andrea Wray, Ms. Suzanne Stanley and Ms. Lisa Lake, deliberated on strategies for the improvement of the lives of the people in the region.  They prepared a Charter document to be presented to the government of their respective nations upon their return home.  On Saturday August 26, the participants gathered at UWI Founders Park for a ceremony to hand over the Charter to a representative of the Jamaican government and symbolically hand on the charge to a Trinidadian representative, whose country will be hosting the Summit in 2009.

 We would like to thank the ICHS Alumnae Association (Toronto Chapter) for helping us to introduce this initiative to our Jamaican and Caribbean young people through your generous donation.

Prayers and condolences are extended to the families of:

Peter Norman Chang, brother of alumnae June Ngui and Shirley Chung.

Anne Marie Chen, alumna, sister of Rose Chen, after a short battle with breast cancer.

Congratulations -

Welcome Adrianna, granddaughter of proud grandparents of Helen (Haddad) & Joe Henriques.

Congratulations to Lily (Chin Fook) and Ed Mah-Leung on the marriage of their son, Adrian to Michelle Yuk Hong Lum


Eily Lowe (Chin) - Class of ‘56
Beverly McLeod (Skipton)

Sr. Josette Marie Lee Sang, O.S.F.

1929 - 2006


Born Carmen Lee Sang in Kingston Jamaica. Sr. graduated from I.C.H.S. IN 1956 and entered the Order of St. Francis in Allegany, New York in 1959.  upon her return to Jamaica, Sr. taught for many years at Marymount High School in Highgate, St. Mary and at I.C.H.S. where she specialized in religious education. Sr. Josette held a Master’s Degree in Education from St. Bonatenture University in Allegany.

 Sister was involved in both Archdiocesan and Franciscan programmes. She was a trained Minister of Eucharist conducting Sunday Communion Services in certain rural missions when no priest was available viz, Preston Hill, Our Lady Star of the Seas etc. in St. Mary. She taught children’s Sunday School and was instructor of Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.). She was well known and loved by church families in the Highgate missions. Sr. Josette was also very much involved in the Archdiocese’s Propagation of the Faith with Sr. Mary Stephanie, F.M.S. She held executive positions in the Jamaica Catholic Teachers Association, was assistant on the Synod Commission, member of Liturgy Committees, member or chairperson of school boards, and the Charitable Association of Franciscans Sisters of Allegany (CAFSA). 

After a faithful 30-odd years in education, this strict disciplinarian Sr Josette retired and took up residence at Marymount Convent with Sr. Colleen Marie Chen, O.S.F. in their little farm of pak choy, string beans, sweet petter, etc. making and bottling preserved jams and jellies, and fruit juices until her recent transition to higher service on Saturday, June 24, 2006.

 Sr. Josette had plans to go on  a Sabbatical retreat in Texas, U.S.A. two days after her sudden passing. Tickets were bought and suitcases packed. She also planned to attend the 50th reunion of her graduation class in Toronto in October 2006.

She will be remembered for her faithfulness to her religious duties, her meticulous concern for details, so that “everything will go smoothly”, her cheerfulness and welfare of others, among other Christian virtues,

 Sr. Josette leaves behind, not to mourn but to rejoice with her for all of God’s Blessing to her on earth: her family of Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, and her blood family of Lees - brothers: Fr. “Freddie”( Holy Cross Church), Tommie (Doctor of Dental Surgery, Chicago), Cecil (Miami), Ronnie (Toronto), Tony (Louisiana), Humphrey (Miami); and one sister: Phyllis Kong.

 Sister, we all join your family to bid you “How-Jang” and “Walk Good:.




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