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This is the JaAlumni Yard Page a page on JaWeb
for High Schools in Jamaica with Alumni Associations.

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  • Belair High School
  • Black River High School
  • Camperdown High School
  • Clarendon College
  • DeCarteret College
  • Dinthill Technical High School
  • Edwin Allen Comp. High School
  • Gaynstead High School
  • Glenmuir High School
  • Happy Grove High School
  • Herbert Morrison Technical
  • Hillel Academy
  • Holmwood Technical High School
  • Kingston Technical High School
  • Luismen's College
  • Manchester High School
  • Merl Grove High School
  • Montego Bay High School
  • Mt. Alvernia High School
  • St. Catherine High School
  • St. Elizabeth Technical High School
  • St. Jago High School
  • Vere Technical High School
  • Westwood High School
  • William Knibb Memorial H.S.
  • York Castle High School

  • Bishop Gibson
  • Carron Hall
  • Dunoon Technical
  • Dunrobin H.S.
  • Holy Trinity Sec.
  • Iona H.S.
  • Kingsway H.S.
  • Maggotty H.S.
  • Morant Bay H.S.
  • Oberlin H.S.
  • Old Harbor H.S.
  • Priory School
  • Rusea's H.S.
  • Sav La Mar H.S.
  • St. Mary's College
  • Tivoli Gardens H.S.
  • Trench Town H.S.
  • Harrison Memorial H.S.
  • Junction Sec. H.S.
  • Marcus Garvey Tech.
  • Charlemont H.S.
  • Muschette Comp. H.S.
  • Anchovy Comp. H.S.
  • Christiana H.S.
  • Shiloh H.S.
  • XXX H.S.
  • YYY H.S.

  • Hampton & Munro College
  • Jamaica College
  • Manning's High School
  • St. Andrew Technical H.S.


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