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March, 2000
Volume I No 23
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Ad Astra

Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)

March, 2000
Volume 1, Number 23

Hot! Hot! Hot!

by Ina Williams

Bacchanal! Carnival! It was party time again at our annual Valentine's Dance on February 12, 2000 - the first of the new century! This year we spent the extra dollar to rent the adjoining room for the food service. This almost doubled the rent - was the extra elbow room worth the cost?? Let us know.

Carnival was our dance theme this year and the "decorating team" did their usual magnificent job. Many thanks to our Trinidadian friend, Curtis Eustace, for the loan of the beautiful Caribana pieces. There was just one moment of panic when Sandra lost her head because a headpiece was missing. Happily, both were recovered! Everyone ate heartily of the curry goat, jerk pork, etc. - deliciously catered by "Aunt Essie's Caribbean Kitchen” and of the homemade goodies from the ICHSAA Bakers - ably organized by Bev Richards. The surprise hit of the night was the appearance of the band, ~Tropical Vibes", which was not billed on the tickets. Together with our loyal D.J., "Livewire", they kept the people jumping (literally) all night. At 1.00 a.m. we turned on the lights and said thanks and good night and still the people pack up the dance floor and never want to leave! It was a total surprise to hear applause on the dance floor after each musical set played by the band! And it was good to see people going home with soca in their gait and smiles on their faces!

As our "set up" work group continues to dwindle, special mention should be given to Jeannette and Stanley Chin and Sonny Chang, who have never been committee members but who continue each year to come early, help with the manual labour of setting up and return to dance the night away. Thanks you three, may your hearts remain generous and your bones healthy and strong! Besides, Lorraine and David can't set up without you! A function like this requires many, many helping hands - before, during and after to pack away and clean up. So we say a million thanks to all you kind hearted people (in addition to the committee members and their families) who cheerfully help on these occasions year after year. May your stash of God Points continue to grow!

Congratulations to Gate Prize Winners 

1st. prize of a return trip to Florida donated by Rose Chin of Uniglobe Bon Voyage Travel.   
2nd prize of a basket of groceries donated by Montego Import and  Export.
3rd prize of a basket of groceries donated by Nicey's Food Mart  
Thanks to Diana Yee who donated her prize of $200.00 to the Scholarship Fund.  

$$ Scholarship Fund $$

For those of you who have not yet contributed to the scholarship fund, this is just a reminder that your contribution is greatly needed. Any amount will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Please forward your cheque to:
I.C.H.S. Alumnae Association
1930 Brookshire Square
Pickering, Ontario L1V 5E9


We still have some commemorative plates for sale. The plates feature a front view of the school etched and bordered in 24kt gold.
Cost: $10.00
Contact Yvonne Lyew 905 420 1264


1 golden brooch - Old English style and picture found on floor after Valentine's Dance.
Contact Ina Williams (416) 299-0031

President's Message  

Dear Fellow Alumni, 

A big welcome to the Year 2000, I wish good health, happiness  and prosperity to everyone, as we enter the 21st century. The new year,  decade, and millennium bring us the perfect opportunity for a fresh start, as well as to mend fences, forgive old wrongs and fulfill dreams that we always seem to tuck away for tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is here and it is time to face the things in our lives that have greater meaning than the every day hustle and bustle. We will all be facing things of new and of old, but what ever it is that we are faced with, we must do them with love in our hearts. From the big changes such as: moving homes, changing jobs or careers, marriage or welcoming children/grandchildren to the small things like lending a hand at our functions. 

I was sorry not to see more of you at our dance. It was a lovely evening and many thanks to all our volunteers. The majority of our volunteers as usual are not our ICHS alumni. We have a loyal group of friends who lend a helping hand. Maybe it is time to not call it an ICHS event? 

Let me thank everyone who supported the initial kick off drive for the scholarship fund. We received 69 responses from 400 letters. The number sounds small but we are very grateful for what we received. The beautiful hand-crocheted bedspread that was raffled off, raised $1,000.00 . Congratulations to the winner of the prize - Vinnette McDaniel.

Lorraine Chung


 Please join ~  
St George's College Old Boys, Alpha Academy/ICHSAA
 at our Annual Picnic 

Sunday, August 20th 2000
Gates open -10.00 a.m. -8.00 p.m.
Milne Park "Mapleview"
Located on McCowan, south of Highway 7 

Lorraine Chung   905 294 9394
Sadie Wong       416 299 6226
Ina Williams      416 299 0031
Donna Rutty      905 796 6206
Joan Chang        416 297 9295
Yvonne Lyew      905 420 1264 

Bev Lewis Richards

by Sandra Hardie

Anyone who knows "Auntie Bev", knows of her involvement with the Roman Catholic Church. So it is not surprising to learn she has been a Professed Member of the Third Order of St. Francis since she was fourteen years old. I asked her to tell me a little about the teachers from Immaculate who strongly influenced her, and she quickly named Sister Emmanuel, Sister Adele and Sister James Vincent. But even though Sister Davidica had some influence on her life, she remembers Sister D's own sister, Sister Daniel, as being the greatest force. 

It was Sister Daniel who ran the "baby school" at St. Joseph's on Duke Street in Kingston, who has always been a second mother to Bev, beginning when she was a four year-old student there. And it was Sister Daniel who channeled her development into the Third Order. Bev credits all of these fine, religious teachers with nurturing her, while maintaining strong discipline and encouraging good moral behaviour, giving her the strength to resist any temptation to go astray. Bev recalls her favourite saying by Sister Daniel: What you are in the sight of God, that you are and no more. 

Another influence, was Father Branon of Holy Rosary, the church where she met "Uncle Joe". She and Joseph Richards married when Bev was just under twenty-one years-old, and became the proud parents of five daughters - Karen, Melanie, Camille, Nadine and Trisha. Today, Bev remains an active member of the ICHS alumnae, in between being a wife, mother, grandmother of three, creator of beautiful works of crochet, and treasured friend to the hundreds of us who love her.

Prince Charles Visits - H.R.H Prince Charles, during his recent tour of Jamaica, visited the "Trench Town Culture Yard" in Trench Town on February 29th. The project is part of the on going work of the Franciscan Ministries in the area.
Franciscan Ministries was founded and is supervised by Sr. Grace Yap O.S.F., an alumna of I.C.H.S. The "T.T.C. Yard" is a new tourist stop with a nice restaurant - so check it out on your next visit!   

Miss Lisa Narcisse leaves Kingston, Ontario

by Joan Chang

 For years Miss Narcisse -our beloved music teacher, friend, mentor, "aunt" has been living in Kingston, Ontario. Coming to Toronto for the Alumnae's many get-togethers was fairly easy for her. Alas, as of July last year distance has made the heart grow fonder for us and Miss Narcisse. 

She decided to move to Calgary to live with her niece, Brenda Williamson (Narcisse) who would be her companion in the autumn of her life. 

So on Saturday, July 17th last year a group of us went to Kingston to bid au revoir. Some 13 of us hosted a farewell luncheon for Miss Narcisse at the Holiday Inn which is situated right on the waterfront of the beautiful harbour. We spent a delightful afternoon recalling the good old days, taking pictures to capture more memories, and all in all enjoyed labrish galore. 

The big treat and surprise was to have Dr. Yolande Chan (nee Brown) take time out from her busy schedule to join us for the afternoon. After the luncheon , Yolande and her husband took us on a brief tour of the picturesque waterfront. Kingston is a city rich in history and is known for its university. It is also the set off point for all the cruises to the famous 1000 Islands. 

And so all good things had to end. We took our leave of Kingston and Miss Narcisse. We did not leave that "little girl" in Kingston town. But we left each other carrying in our hearts the resounding music and words of the ICHS Glee Club theme song through which Miss Narcisse led us over the years.

"Sing along, just sing along. Let your hearts be young and gay. All your tasks will seem much lighter and your work will seem like play. If you sing, you can brighten up the day. So join the throng in happy song just singing along the way." 

Thank you Miss Narcisse.

Annual Mass/Luncheon '99
at Shepherd Terrace

by Sandra Hardie

 Feast of the Immaculate Conception - As is our tradition, in December we gathered for Mass at Shepherd Terrace to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The atmosphere was festive and Father Jules delivered a stirring sermon on reconciliation and forgiveness. Our faithful glee club led the gathering through Father Ho Lung's folk mass, and valiantly attempted the much-loved Schubert's Ave Maria. It will be more robust the next time around, so if you love to sing and want to join, please contact Yvonne Lyew, our music director.

After the mass, we sat down to a sumptuous pot-luck meal donated by members of the alumnae. There were books, cards and other items on sale, and so we were able to do some Christmas shopping as well. The highlight of the afternoon came when, at last we raffled off the bedspread so lovingly crocheted by Bev (Lewis) Richards. Bev donated her time and the material to the Scholarship Fund effort we started in the spring. The white, queen-sized bedspread was won by Vinnette McDaniel. 

It was an enjoyable experience to catch up with old friends, and meet the new additions to our alumnae families. The babies were out in their numbers. Thanks to all who attended and we invite those of you who may be interested, to make sure to keep abrest of the notices for the next mass. We look forward to seeing you then.

Labrish ...

Oops! ... we goofed -
David Lue, son of Bev and Franklin is on a scholarship to Columbia University and not Cornell. 


Our Prayers and Condolences to alumnae and their families who lost loved ones recently... 

To Margueritta Ramirez-Hodgins and Maria Ramirez-Perri on the loss of their father, Enrico Remirez. 

To Sandra Hardie whose aunt died in Jamaica. 

To the families of Sr. Mary Ambrose O.S.F. (ICHS Commercial) and Sr. Dorothy Foster O.S.F. (St. Alysious Boys School) who both died at the Motherhouse in Allegany at the end of February 2000 within a week of each other.    


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