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Ad Astra
is published by the
Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association - Toronto Chapter
, 2003
Volume I,  No 31
I.C.H.S. Newsletter

Ad Astra
is published by the
Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association - Toronto Chapter

I.C.H.S. Newsletter

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Ina Williams

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Ad Astra

Immaculate Conception High School
Alumnae Association
(Toronto Chapter)

November, 2003
Volume 1, Number 31

The Silver Jubilee of ICHSAA
Toronto Chapter

by Suzanne Read

The ladies of ICHSM did it again, orchestrating a most
enjoyable afternoon luncheon and entertainment extravaganza! One hundred and fifty "old girls", spouses and friends gathered at the Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham to mark the 25th anniversary of the Toronto Chapter. It was a double celebration, as this year is the golden jubilee of Sr. Maureen Clare Hall as a Franciscan nun.

Yvonne Lyew & Sadie Wong
(President and Founding Members of the Toronto Chapter)

 Sr. Maureen Clare was joined by current ICHS Principal, Sr. Mary Catherine Aarons and Sr. Francoise Bonenfant of Rosalie Hall as the special guests of honour. Also present were Loraine Lee, president of the Alpha Academy Alumnae Association and Donald Barnett, president of St. George's College Old Boys Asso­ciation. 

Sr. Francoise Bonenfant
(Rosalie Hall)

Sr. Maureen Clare Hall
(Celebrates her 50th Anniversary)

At noon, we were schmoozing over fruit punch and gawking at photo collages. Then we dined on salad, chicken breast, rice pilaf, assorted vegetables, rolls, strawberry shortcake, coffee and tea, as we caught up with our friends of yesteryear. The tables were labeled "Houses" and places at the school. Do you remember playing badminton in the "Summer House"? Walking by the "Banyan Tree" and around the "Sunken Garden"? Were you one of the first girls in "Davidica" or "St. Rose  of Lima, or were you stuck in tradition -"St. Tekakwitha", "Franciscan", "St. Joan of Arc, "St. Clare" or "Immaculata"? How many lunch hours did you spend in contemplation in the Chapel? What memorable school Masses and fetes did we have in 'the Cafetorium"? Was hot lunch only $2.50 once upon a time? Those were the days.....    

Sr. Mary Catherine Aarons
(Principal of ICHS)

Ina Williams took us on a walk down memory lane, reminding us of the beginnings of the Toronto Chapter and some of our ventures; slipping on the ice and cleaning bathrooms before our first Valentine's Day Dance at Sr. Lawrence Church Hall; the new year's eve balls; no frills dances at St. Thomas the Apostle Church Hall; the "Blinking Bus" video; cooking curry with Mr. Lew. Most of the original founding committee was present; even the late Juliette Young was there through her husband, Philip (an honourary "ICHS old boy") and her mom, Sue Wong. Emcee: Lorraine Chung exhorted us all to keep the spirit of ICHS alive and well, and to encourage the younger alumnae to become more involved. Daphnie March expressed her deep pleasure at returning to Toronto and seeing all her "young friends" who now have teenage children. She also encouraged everyone to stay in touch with the ICHS family and sisterhood.

Looking like angels the ICHSAA girls keep company
 with Archbishop Egerton R. Clarke

 Denise Narcisse-Mair Bishop advised us on the TRUE meaning of shoes with a hilarious but poignant monologue. Karen Lue Tam and daughters Sabrina and Tiffany tapped their way through a lively number, choreographed to remind us of how very quietly Sr. Maureen Clare used to glide through the school corridors.

 Special presentations of appreciation were made by President Yvonne Lyew to longtime supporters of ICHSAA, including Nicey's Foodmart and Montego Foods. The afternoon was brought to a sentimental close when Paula (Lew) Depass headed the singing group -Muzik 'N Motion in a delightful session of musical harmony.

 So who did you all miss? Yolande (Brown) Chan was in from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario with her Aunt Bev. Sandy (Yap Chung) Lee was there, as was Karen (Ho Tom) Lue Tam. I mention them first, because we were all in the same year (1976). The "big girls" from school that I remember were Donna (Rutty) Chin who is now a proud grandma, ex-prefect Dianne Co!lins, Charmaine (Chin Loy) Chin and her statuesque daughter and niece Gillian and Lauren, Annette (Lyn) Wong. Teachers Mrs. Gwyneth Martin (Science and 21st St. Andrew Guides); Mrs. Sylvia Chin (English, or was it Math? I did not have her) and Miss Sybil Williams (Commercial) in a splendid hat. Bursar Mrs Jena Chung and daughters Adrienne Aarons and Pixie. Phyllis Chen and Nicky Lyew, D.J. 'Livewire' Heather Bubb Clarke. Brand new mother-in-law Jilian (Ramsey) Saweczko, rushing in from the wedding. Soon to be mother-in-law Sylvia Tavares. And many other friends ...... and yes, we all still look the same. 

For me, I enjoyed the afternoon. A wonderful job was done by our Alumnae executive and committee! Thanks to you all.

Getting younger by the years
Beryl Narcisse-Mair
celebrates her 1st Century Birthday (100th year) with her daughter
 Denise Narcisse-Mair Bishop

A Sunday In The Park

Laura Chin-Pen 


Greeted by the Grace Tropical Rhythms representative with refreshing juices, we approached the Lakeside Shelter at Mime Park in Markham. Another large gathering of ICHS, St. George's and Alpha Alumni with their families and friends for our annual picnic. Enticed by the aroma of home cooking; escovitch fish, rice and peas, jerk chicken, stewed peas, curried goat and such delights, we moved from picnic table to picnic table sampling their wares. With the warm summer sun beating down on our backs and full bellies we wandered around the park visiting with friends and families, most of whom we had not seen since last year's event. Catching up on the news of who was getting married, having babies and how we were all doing. Not to be outdone by last year, this year's games seemed far more elaborate. The games were not only for the kids. Equipped with hoola-hoops and ladders the ICHS girls set out to win this year's 'Olympics'. Amusing and entertaining to say the least, these games were imaginative and a credit to whoever invented them. A human chain climbing through hoola-hoops and a new version of the "three-legged race", look at the pictures to see for yourself. Being one of the youngest members of the Alumnae Association, it was nice to see some new younger' faces at the picnic; hopefully you will attend our events more often. The purpose of our Alumnae Association is not only to help our Alma Mater but it is also a network to meet new people and an opportunity to share our stories and our lives. We all have a common bond - ICHS. It is where we spent a significant time in our lives that shaped us into who we are today. All you Alum, younger and older, please help us to keep the Association 'alive' with your participation.

All in all, it was a very relaxing, sun and fun-filled day. See you next year, same time, same place!

Eagerly watching the Jerk Chicken on the BBQ


All had fun playing games and while stepping out in style

President's Message

My Dear Fellow Alumnae,

Congratulations to the organizing committee on the success of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of our Toronto Chapter. It was great seeing so many of the older members Os well as representatives from our sister and brother schools, Alpha and St. George's.

 Sr. Mary Catherine was very pleased to attend our luncheon. She has already token possession of the grand keyboard  which was ordered for our Alma Mater. The stu­dents are thrilled and eager to play the keyboard and receive the hymnals - all gifts to commemorate the 25th anniversary of our Toronto Chapter.

 Congratulations to Sr. Maureen Clare on her Golden Jubilee. It was fitting that she could be with us seeing she was instrumental in the formation of the Toronto Chapter.

 Our guest, Sr. Francoise Bonenfant of Rosalie Hall continues to do marvelous work at the centre.

 Spring and summer went by so quickly. Glad to report our annual joint picnic with Alpha and StGC at Milne Park was once again a huge success.

 Looking forward to seeing you all at our annual Mass and pot-luck luncheon on Sunday, December 7th 2003.


Yvonne Lyew



From the foothills of St. Andrew to the elected Legislature of Ontario, Canada, Hon. Mary Anne Chambers (nee Brown), Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities has made us proud.

 Mary Anne, former Vice-President of Scotia Bank and former President of ICHS Alumnae Association continues to blaze the trail for ethnic women in Ontario. We extend our sincere congratulations, best wishes and prayers for her continued success and good fortune. Walk good, Mary Anne!

Olive Williams

We regret the sudden passing of our own
committee and Glee Club member.
Sadly missed by her children
Warren (Leslie), Susie(Geoffrey), Wayne,
Tricia (Curtis) and Damian (Yasmin).

 It is the desire of the family to honour Olive
through a dialysis centre in Sav-la-mar, Jamaica

 Donations may be made to:
The Arthur & Olive Williams Memorial Fund
3 Sandrift Square
Scarborough, Ontario M1E 4N5

Prayers and condolences are extended to the families of:


Noel Ho Tom, in May, uncle of Karen Lue Tam.

Edward Hugh, father of Shirley's husband, Noel (Lammy).

Joseph Wong & Ruby Wong, parents of Loraine Phillips.

Marlene Thurston (Carr) died suddenly.

Camille Richards, daughter of Joe & Bev (Lewis).

Vincent Lue, father of Lauren (Betty) Chung, Linda Chuck.

Peter 'Lizzie' Chong, son-in-law to Anita Chang. Leaving his wife Venice and children, Courtney & Rebekah.


Congratulations ....

Welcome Ashley Noelle, sister to Alyssa Rachel, daughters of Tracey & Patrick Fong -- proud grandmother alumna Lena Chung (Chang). 

Joshua Frederick, born on September 12, 2003, weighing 9 lbs 10 ozs. to Stacey & Fred Hipolito. Proud grandmother,  Marjorie (Chang) Hugh. 

Beryl Enid Narcisse-Mair, L.R.S.M., L.R.A.M.,A.R.C.M.,M.R.S.T., Gold Medalist, Royal Academy of Music, London, England. Senior music teacher at I.C.H.S.; founded the Narcisse School of Music; the oldest member of our Alumnae in Canada, celebrated her 100th birthday at the Four Points Sheraton, Kingston, Ontario in June of this year. Archbishop Egerton R. Clarke officiated at the Mass. 


TWO TO TANGO!  Warmest congratulations to President, Yvonne Lyew who recently took Gerald Lew for her new partner in the tango of life! The happy event took place on August 30th. Welcome to the sisterhood, Gerry. ...note- Yvonne comes with twelve others...hope you can cope!  WAY TO GO, PREZ!


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